Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time

Health & Well-Being

Man hitting a punching bag
December 15, 2021 By Robert Faulkner

Have you been abandoning your goals halfway? Engage in sports activities; you will harness your skills, resilience, create new & better habits, and get rid of self-doubt. This article discusses some of the benefits of sport in self-development. … Read Article »


Business process flowchart illustration
December 14, 2021 By Staff

In an era marked by outstanding technologies, business processes are more efficient than ever before. However, many traditional businesses still lag to an extent, probably because they're yet to leverage some tools and systems available to them.If you're like that, don't fret; here are … Read Article »

Health & Well-Being

Stethoscope and mobile phone
December 14, 2021 By Carol

Since the development of spectacles and the thermometer, medical technology has advanced significantly. The growth of a wealthier middle class and an increasing global population are pushing transformations in the healthcare sector. As per the World Economic Forum, more than 50% of the medical … Read Article »


Person reading a newspaper titled business
December 13, 2021 By Staff

Who is an astute entrepreneur? Well, this is someone who has recognized an opportunity where there are challenges or is about to launch a new business with the hope of making it successful. As you can already see, most astute entrepreneurs are risk-takers. In … Read Article »


Woman sharing a presentation to colleagues
December 13, 2021 By Jack Brown

Marketing strategies that we saw years ago differ a lot from current approaches. Marketing has evolved and changed over the years. For example, people used communication skills to persuade customers to buy products by using billboards, posters, magazines, and radios in ancient times. … Read Article »

Health & Well-Being

Image of person wearing glasses with a blue tint to it
December 10, 2021 By Staff

People try to spend more time than ever in front of digital devices, even if it's phones, tablets, or the type of television screen. People are now getting in touch with social media by reading news, watching TV shows, or any screen time. Unfortunately, … Read Article »

Career Development

Karate teacher and student practicing a technique
December 8, 2021 By Staff

The main aim of master training is to assist students in gaining a well-rounded understanding of fitness and nutrition and a breadth of knowledge in various fitness disciplines. Once you complete your master certification program, you open yourself up to extensive job opportunities and … Read Article »

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