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Tips For Attending Events In Los Angeles

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Los Angeles has always been a hotspot of tourists, celebrities, and residents. Because of the immense numbers gathered in one small location, safety precautions are crucial.

Now, with the world recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, supply shortages, and war, these concerns have multiplied. Anyone attending an event in LA without experience could be in for culture shock.

Read these tips before you aim for the red carpet at your next LA gala. A little extra caution ahead of the event can mean you’ll be ready and safe to attend the next one!

1. Check The Bag Policy

Depending on where you go, you may not be able to bring your purse or backpack. If that’s where your life is contained, you want to know this ahead of time.

Common policies in arenas and other venues prohibit or limit bags, totes, purses, camera bags, and fanny packs. Carrying a wallet or small clutch is almost always allowed, but they may be inspected.

Find out what the policies for bags are ahead of time. Otherwise, you could get to your event and have to choose between leaving your possessions behind or going home.

2. Prepare For Touchless Contact Payments & Ticketing

In addition to the bag policy, many venues have adopted touchless contact procedures. It does make the process go smoothly when it works, but if you’re not prepared, you’ll hold up the line.

Plan on having your ticket on your mobile device, not in your hand. Chances are, you won’t be able to use the paper options for much longer.

Cash is also becoming obsolete in LA. Have your plastic ready, or, better yet, set your phone up with mobile payment methods.

3. Stick With A Friend

You’re an adult, and you should be able to safely attend events on your own, right? In most places, the answer to that is yes, but not in Los Angeles.

LA County is one of the top human trafficking destinations in the country. The criminal industry here is only surpassed by illegal drug sales.

Busy events like the one you’re planning to attend are the ideal spots for traffickers to find victims. They’ll use whatever tricks they can to lure unsuspecting individuals or groups away from the crowd.

If you’re by yourself, you’ll be a prime target. Bring a friend, and keep an eye on your surroundings at all times. Be ready to practice your self-defense techniques or use that pepper spray keychain your parents gave you before you headed out to the big city.

4. Avoid The Drug Scene

As mentioned previously, the only industry that beats out human trafficking in LA is the sale of illegal drugs. The odds are pretty high that you’re going to run into someone using drugs or offering them to you.

There are thousands of reasons why you should avoid this danger. If you’ve never been into the drug scene before, don’t start now. And if you have a history of drug use, think twice about hitting the LA scene unless you’re confident you’re able to walk away from temptation.

Buying, selling, or using drugs is prohibited, and if you’re caught, the punishment in LA is harsh. For first-timers, it’s an expensive experiment. Repeat offenders will face fines and jail time.

An addiction to drugs is difficult to break. You’ll need strong willpower and the help of professionals during the recovery process. It’s a life-altering decision that can be avoided entirely by saying no to addictive substances.

5. Stick To The Legit Places

The LA party scene is full of life at all hours of the day and night. If you’re interested in a specific behavior or action, no matter how unique, you can find it in Los Angeles.

That doesn’t mean the event is going to be safe or legal. Dozens of shops and venues are fronts for illegal parties and gatherings.

There are enough legit events to keep you busy. Stick to those and avoid anything that looks like it’s trying to be hidden from the authorities.


Los Angeles is a bucket-list place for millions of people, and you’re there. Make the time you spend in the City of Angels one that’s memorable in a good way by following these five vital tips.

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