Changes You Can Make To Help Save The Ocean

Changes You Can Make To Help Save The Ocean


We’re all becoming more environmentally conscious and while the focus seems to be on reducing our carbon footprint or recycling as much as we can, people are looking more and more at what’s happening in our oceans which could have an even more devasting impact on our environment and lives.

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We’re all becoming more environmentally conscious and while the focus seems to be on reducing our carbon footprint or recycling as much as we can, people are looking more and more at what’s happening in our oceans which could have an even more devastating impact on our environment and lives.

You Can Help Save The Ocean With These Simple Changes

The ocean is a vital part of the world’s ecosystem. The global fish population and the various marine life are an important part of feeding the world and must be protected. Even the various marine plants provide a vital source of oxygen. The ocean is in danger, and it is up to the people of the world to do something about it.

What Is Wrong With The Ocean?

The ocean is facing a lot of issues currently. Pollution, global warming, over-fishing, and various other issues are threatening the existence of life in and around the ocean. Even the polar bear population is facing extreme challenges due to the state of the ocean.

Polar bears are not like other bears. They do not hibernate in the coldest months. The coldest months are reserved for hunting seals. This is because ice forms and allows for easier hunting of the favorite source of food for these bears. The polar bear hibernation occurs when things warm. With rising temperatures, seal hunting season is growing smaller, and the bears are facing extinction if the winters get warmer.

These bears may become the first casualty of global warming, but they certainly will not be the last unless humans do something to save the ocean from these various threats. If everyone took it upon themselves to incorporate a few simple changes in their lives, the ocean could be saved.

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Reduce The Plastic

The invention of plastic has created a very convenient world for humans. Single-use bottles and food packaging, plastic lids, and straws for beverages on the go, even bags to carry all the plastic items home from the store make life a little easier for everyone. Unfortunately, these products tend to end up in the ocean.

Ocean pollution is a serious problem. This plastic debris injures and kills fish, birds, and marine mammals. Plastic debris is even polluting the human food chain. By reducing the consumption of plastic products and recycling those that are needed, humans can greatly reduce the amount of plastic that enters the ocean.

Simple steps to reduce plastic use are to change some of the products used every day. Stop using plastic straws. Choose paper, reusable straws, or no straw at all when having a beverage. Reusable water bottles can reduce the number of plastic bottles in the ocean. Even using cloth shopping bags can greatly reduce plastic waste.

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Safe And Sustainable Seafood

Overfishing and unsustainable fishing practices have caused serious harm to the ocean and marine life. For example, tuna is one of the world’s most commercially valuable fish. Bluefin tuna are large tuna that provide plenty of meat and are quite valuable. Bluefin tuna are also predators that reproduce slowly and help keep other fish populations in check. Unfortunately, these fish are now endangered due to overfishing and illegal fishing practices.

When purchasing any type of seafood, it is important to know where it is coming from. By taking a moment to do a little research, consumers can find out if the company is fishing responsibly and sustainably. If a company is not transparent about its practices, they should be avoided.

Although not as simple as some steps, becoming more aware of where the seafood is coming from can make a big difference. Companies only act irresponsibly when it makes them money. If people become more aware of the company and choose to only purchase from safe and sustainable seafood providers, only those types of companies will remain in business.

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Care For The Beach

Although there is a lot of dumping of trash directly in the ocean, and some do make their way to the ocean through various waterways, a large portion of trash is left behind on beaches. People enjoy a fun day out in the sun and can often leave their trash behind. When the tide comes in, it catches that trash and takes it back to the ocean.

One simple method for reducing pollution in the ocean is to minimize the trash left behind on the beach. There is no need to take a lot of trash to the beach in the first place. Reusable containers are better for eating and drinking. If trash is created on the beach, collect it and take it to a proper place for disposal.

Wrapping Up

There are many other things individuals can do to help protect the ocean. Reducing their carbon footprint, avoiding microfibers, and supporting organizations that work to protect the ocean are all easy ways to help in this cause. Even the smallest change can have a major impact on the world.

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