Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time

Computer & Software Tips

Close-up of a white laptop with black keys on a white desk
May 6, 2022 By Staff

Cybercriminals are individuals who look to scam people online, whether that’s stealing their personal information, their identity, their money or anything else. You’re going to have to be vigilant to ensure that you don’t fall into traps or expose yourself to traumatising images and … Read Article »


Person looking at green text on a computer screen
May 5, 2022 By Staff

One of the most difficult periods to deal with in the life of any business is that of managing unexpected downtime. It might be that your IT systems are down, or part of your website isn’t working as well, or maybe a difficulty with … Read Article »

House & Home

Woman in cleaning gear holding a mobile phone out to the camera
May 3, 2022 By Jessica Samson

Our beloved smartphones and other electronic devices are with us at home, work, in the car, and just about everywhere else. We use our mobile devices when we eat, head outdoors, and even use the bathroom. That's way too much exposure to dirt and … Read Article »

Well Being

Illustration of people avoiding infection
May 2, 2022 By Parag Kapoor

The fear of a global pandemic is not new. But the threat of a pandemic is always there. The recent incidents have increased the anxiety among all of us after the pandemic. We are scared of the coronavirus because it seems unpredictable. It can … Read Article »

Career Development

Nurse wearing blue scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck
April 29, 2022 By Staff

Some nurses are more than happy to stay at one level in their careers. They like what they’re doing, and they don’t feel the need to go any further. However, others want to push forward, and they know they want to go as far … Read Article »


Colourful chemicals in various sized test tubes
April 27, 2022 By Staff

The construction segment has come a long way over the years, with mind-boggling innovations in materials, techniques, and processes. Construction businesses and professionals understand the significance of using the right material mix to achieve quality, aesthetic value, strength, and sustainability for buildings. Chemicals have … Read Article »