Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time

House & Home

Woman wrapped in a blanker, holding a mug and blowing her nose
February 10, 2022 By Staff

Proper and adequate ventilation makes a space conducive to live in. That is why it is appropriate to pay attention to this when getting your own place. Yet due to the effects of climate change and other factors, the ventilation in your space can … Read Article »

Career Development

Concept image of a person networking
February 9, 2022 By Staff

Are you trying to decide if getting a certification in networking is right for you? While obtaining a certification is not always mandatory for networking careers, it is a key component to keeping your skills current and staying ahead of the competition. … Read Article »


Picture of a church in a field
February 9, 2022 By Staff

Running a religious organization such as a church or charity is not a business. But these institutions have to handle money wisely, even as they focus on serving a purpose instead of earning profits. The balance can get tricky as you need money to … Read Article »

Health & Well-Being

Air quality monitor with a thumbs up symbol on it
February 8, 2022 By Jason Karvelot

Indoor air quality plays an important role in how we feel in our homes and businesses. It is more than just about temperature and humidity. Particulates, volatile organic compounds, and odors can make the space feel stuffy. Poor indoor air quality can also contribute … Read Article »

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