Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time

Health & Well-Being

Pills, syringe, cigarettes and bottle of alcohol on a black and red background
January 17, 2022 By Staff

We need to address a massive misconception about drug and alcohol addiction because some individuals don't choose a life of addiction by choice. Like any other medical issue, you will have to jump through challenges and obstacles during your recovery journey, let's take a … Read Article »

House & Home

Garden pond surrounded by rocks with a fountain and summer house
January 17, 2022 By Staff

So, you’re on vacation and are looking to use your break time to do something productive? Let’s face it, as much as everyone needs some vacation time after working hard, being cooped up at home can become a little boring at times. Why not … Read Article »

Health & Well-Being

Black and White photo of a woman crying
January 14, 2022 By Staff

Drug addiction can be one of the toughest battles you ever take part in during life. Everyone talks about how it is a mental and physical battle against the substance, but few ever get into the nitty-gritty of how bad it is. We won't … Read Article »


Branding and marketing strategy graphic on a laptop screen
January 13, 2022 By Staff

How does one build a successful brand? There is no particular answer to this question, as the process of branding depends on the products or services being marketed, the industry in which they compete, and the target audience. However, there are some basic principles … Read Article »

People Skills

Employees holding hands in effective teamworking
January 13, 2022 By Staff

Tuning into your workforce is one of the key pieces of creating a more cohesive corporate culture. This requires listening to the employee experience through a variety of means. It doesn’t matter the industry, if people are unhappy in their position, the good employees … Read Article »

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