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Man taking on the phone while looking at a tablet
May 29, 2022 By Staff

Conversation intelligence is software for analyzing speech between salespeople and customers to understand customers' preferences and improve sales strategy. This is a platform where you can get profound observations just by listening to the conversation over phone calls. Read on to find out how … Read Article »


Illustration of a bank check with a gold coin on it
May 28, 2022 By Staff

Imagine going to jail for 18 months over a fake pay stub. That's what happened to a man in Arkansas who was also ordered to pay a $2500 fine. If you're wondering if you can create a pay stub for free, the answer is … Read Article »

Life Hacks

Lawyer Shaking Hands With A Client
May 28, 2022 By Staff

There are several ways to obtain a lawyer, and choosing the right one is essential to your case. A lawyer referral service simplifies the process by screening and evaluating lawyers likely to meet your needs. However, because of this added layer of vetting, a … Read Article »


Dark computer screen showing lines of code on it
May 28, 2022 By Staff

A quality management system (QMS) is a set of processes and procedures that help a business ensure that its products and services meet the highest standards possible. A QMS software is an essential tool for implementing and managing the quality management process. This article … Read Article »

House & Home

Bright kitchen with white units and a pine wooden floor
May 25, 2022 By Staff

A new kitchen is a substantial but worthwhile investment for any house. In terms of aesthetics and function, it will always add value to your home. There are, however, a few key kitchen design faults to avoid in order to save money in the … Read Article »

Health & Well-Being

Group of people sitting in a rehab meeting
May 24, 2022 By Staff

Long-term alcohol abuse can cause severe health problems like cardiovascular issues, cancer, and neurological problems. Fortunately, the Alcohol Detox Austin Texas Treatment Center can help anyone suffering from alcohol abuse to overcome the problem safely in a supervised environment. Let's take a look at … Read Article »

House & Home

Person using a squeegee to clean a glass panel
May 18, 2022 By Staff

Cleaning a house, especially a large one, can be tedious. For most homeowners, scrubbing surfaces and the like is hard work. This is why handy cleaning gadgets like pressure washers are such a Godsend for most. With a pressure washer, cleaning your home becomes … Read Article »

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