Office Tools You Need To Save Money

Office Tools You Need To Save Money


Improved productivity is one of the primary goals for any office. Management, and employees of the company, must commit to efficiently keeping the ball rolling for the company to grow and prosper.

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Improved productivity is one of the primary goals for any office. Management, and employees of the company, must commit to efficiently keeping the ball rolling for the company to grow and prosper.

When we think of being productive, many ideas might come to mind. We might think of it as pressure and a difficult aim. And if I may, especially to those of you who might lack dedication in your work! Some of us are more interested in looking busy than being useful to the company.

While this may be so for some, others think of improving their productivity as a challenge. A daily discipline to be followed to the tee to reach their goals. Many of these employees commit to exceeding expectations in every task and assignment. These individuals are the valued employees who make sound decisions for the betterment of the company.


There are a lot of ways we can make our office more productive. Here are some ideas I have personally researched and can recommend from experience to help optimize your workplace.

Make Your Space More Personal

We all have our reasons for getting up and getting going in the morning. Be it our ambitions, our families, our desire for something better, or our dream to better ourselves. When you have a space in your office for personal touches, put up pictures of your family. Or a place you want to go on your next vacation. You can keep it minimal to avoid clutter, but these small reminders will help you feel more inspired and eager to work.

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Keep Everything As Clean as Possible

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Imagine going inside a house and all you see is clutter everywhere. Food wrappers and leftovers, unwashed dishes in the sink, and piles of clothes and papers. Now, who would want to stay for a while in that kind of environment? The same goes for your workplace. Think of your space as your home away from home, especially if you have to spend eight hours in there. A clean office reflects your care and your competency.

Try to Stay Away From Gadgets

As the saying goes, “You cannot serve two masters at the same time”; thus, you cannot be productive if you are constantly on your phone checking on new likes for your photos. Of course, this doesn’t mean you cannot use your gadgets at all. You just have to know when and how long to use them without compromising your productivity.

With that said, productivity doesn’t just improve through attitude and self-motivation. You will also need to gain the proper resources and tools to make your life easier and optimize your time in the office. Below are some must-have tools you can get to have more leverage throughout your workday:

1. Google Drive

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How do I explain the importance of Google in the workplace? Google has been a staple tool for most companies over the past 22 years. It offers features such as Google Docs, which you can use to create documents and blogs for writers.

There is also Google Sheets as a tool to create spreadsheets for presentations or for keeping tabs on your company resources. Explore the many options and find what is most effective for your company.

You can also make use of templates that are available online. There are free PowerPoint templates you can use to improve office productivity. There are also resume templates that you can use to make your resume more presentable

And the best part about this? It’s free! The sheets, the documents, the drives, the virtual storage, all of them are free of charge. What more can you ask for?

2. Grammarly

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Now this one I use myself. And I have seen first-hand its power in increasing productivity. This tool is especially important for those people who are in the journalism or writing business. The free version gives you access to unlimited grammar and spell check, which comes in handy when writing emails to your clients or sending out proposals.

You can also get the premium version and get an even more in-depth analysis of your writing style. This tool will add precision and accuracy to your content.

3. Evernote

Evernote on Laptop and Mobile Phone

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This tool is popular for note-taking and can be used to store almost everything virtually. When you are trying to remember, let’s say, minutes of a meeting and you have to do it over Zoom or Meet, then having this tool can be very handy as you can go back to the important details when needed. You can also easily save URLs of frequently visited websites.

This tool also has a full team chat feature that can be used with your colleagues. You can opt to use the free version, but it can be limited, especially if you have many employees. Getting the paid version will give you more flexibility and would probably be of more use to your company.

4. Slack

Slack connectivity

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If you are looking for a one-stop spot for all your communication, then Slack is the way to go. It is simple, effective, and it makes talking to everyone more efficient. You can easily share knowledge and give assignments to your subordinates. Most importantly, Slack will provide you with a steady workflow since it can handle all communications in just one click.

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Final Words

When you want to see something better for your company, increasing productivity is the best place to start. It will make your office life more enjoyable and your employees will appreciate your efforts to make their lives easier.


To conclude, there are many ways to optimize your workplace. All you need to have is the right attitude, proper motivations for your employees, and the right tools that can make your day-to-day tasks less humdrum and more gratifying.

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