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9 Ways To Create A Productivity Hub At Home

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9 Ways To Create A Productivity Hub At Home

Wondering how some people remain productive while working from home? Research suggests that 3.6% of the US workforce work from home.You might be seated back there with just a few tasks to go but still figuring how to finish them.

Your home may have a lot of destruction with movements and noise. You may be finding it so difficult to separate your office hours from your daily chores at home. Everything seems to look at you, and you feel so disoriented.

You are wondering when you will come out of this. Maybe your boss is almost giving up because of your little output. Or rather you are opting for work stations that may be another headache to operate from.

You are not alone. It’s a struggle that most people go through. You can still make that home office a productivity hub.

Rather than sitting there with your hands crossed at the nape of the neck, your mind clogged, overwhelmed, and no sign of a breakthrough, you can utilize some ways to help you be productive.

1. Mimic Workspace Environment With Sound

You might be familiar with this, but you might not feel it’s not necessary. Have you ever wondered why most people are comfortable working in cafes? You must be thinking about coffee or a company of people.

You got it all wrong because even libraries have got people. There is some charm in light relaxing music that allows us to be focused even more.

Wondering why you were so productive in that office yet at home, it’s different? Try this trick. Meditation songs can be great, but the majority of people enjoy cafe and office space sounds.

Try to combine the best of those sounds, and you will enjoy working remotely.

2. Dedicate A Working Space

You need to have a specific space that you will be working from daily. Setting up space in your house as a working space or settling for an office outside your main home can do magic. It is just like a dedicated study area which has many benefits.

You might have felt that working from home gives you freedom. However, working from home can be a challenge as it affects your productivity.

Our brains are quite affected by habits and patterns. The brain has it that the couch is for relaxing as well as the bed. To change this pattern, you may need to restructure your brain.

Look at it this way, when on that couch, the likes of Netflix, Disney will always cross your mind or a little nap.

But that’s not your goal.

A dedicated workspace is very necessary, however small it may be.

3. Declutter

Whichever the place you choose working from, that becomes your office. If you need your business to work, you must work. Destruction is a great impediment to your productivity.

If your eyes spot anything that will remind you of your household chores, that will automatically destroy your program.

When everything is in the right area, your level of focus to work will always increase just as in a typical office.

Humans have an insufficient capacity to control themselves and so you are. Working from home gives you the freedom to do whatever you want but remember you have work to do.

Taking a day off to have the work done the following day can be refreshing.

You should as well avoid procrastination at all costs. A one-day work pile can cost you the whole year’s schedule and mess up with your productivity.

This arrangement also goes to your device, and you can avoid unnecessary pop-ups on your screen like that series on Netflix or your last game. This will make you focused on serious work.

You can effectively achieve this with an app that blocks apps and websites from computers and mobile devices.

4. Set Up Your Space High Enough

Your comfort and productivity are directly affected by your mind and your posture. The right set up will set up your productivity ablaze back at home.

By this, it means that your head and your trunk should be at a right angle.

You can set up your productivity hub in a way that your knees can bend at 90 degrees the same as your elbow joint when working on your keyboard.

The use of the right sit-stand desks can help you achieve this, so you won’t sit for more than half an hour but also you won’t stand up for more than an hour.

You should also be able to look straight up at your monitor or camera.

5. Get Ready For The Day

Many people believe that working from home is waking up in your pyjamas with loud music or TV. Well, it looks cool, but that isn’t the way to go.

Like any other office work, you need to set yourself up and ready for the day’s work to be productive at home. Just as the routine when going on duty, make it a habit of setting yourself up.

Dress up well, prepare yourself a hot coffee cup or anything that will help you get the right mindset.

Another very important thing to be productive at home is to jot down a to-do list that will keep you on track. Apart from being motivated, it gives you the right mindset for the day.

6. Use The Right Extensions

Working from home does not only entail your productivity hub. Whatever is on your device as the ultimate tool of your work has its role to play.

These extensions come in when you need a boss to keep your work in check. Well, at home you might have you or your fridge to keep you on track.

We’ve hand-picked these four that are most important, take a look:         

1. TextExpander

You will save much time with this but that function of turning code names in whatever pleases you. You can also eliminate writing your most common phrases.

View more information on TextExpander here          

2. Clockify

This one enables tracking your tasks. By this, you don’t leave out your most important tasks.

View more information on Clockify here.                

3. Grammarly

While correcting your work errors, sending work with mistakes sucks the most. However, this tool comes to your aid to fix you and saves you time and all embarrassment.

View more information about Grammarly here.                   

4. MailTag

This essentially is a mail tracker and can help you with email insights, schedule emails, and automatically follow up if emails are not opened. You can use this tool to track if you mails send enough, where and when opened, and give you tips to improve on your mails.

View more information about MailTag here.

7. Set Your Schedule

It doesn’t matter if your weekly work is sporadic, a few days or all the time. It is great to establish your work plan at least spread throughout the day.

This will give you reasonable time to start your work, break and clock out smoothly.

Apart from reducing your workload, it leaves you refreshed, planned and productive.

8. Turn On The Lights

Natural light works best though it can create some glare on your screen. To some people, windows can work to their benefit. Thus, no need for light, but that may not be your case.

If so, then you can draw the blinders and turn your lights on. Desk lampstands can also be preferable. Floor lamps with target lights can serve the purpose where there is insufficient overhead light.

9. Log Off

This is the healthiest work culture that is beneficial not just to your productivity but also your mental health.

Break off not just from the screen but from the normal work routine. Take off your mind out of work and just get refreshed.

It is so refreshing to enjoy nature. You don’t have to struggle to work 24/7, but you can make it an enjoyable exercise with such healthy breaks.

If you were wondering how to make working from home a productive hub, here are your answers, you can explore possible options at your best.

Your health and well-being play a very vital role in your productivity. You can combine things around you to take home a great workplace and spur up productivity.

There are several adjustments you will deliberately make to make this a success.

In most cases switching off from your job office could prove difficult, but you can achieve this by mimicking some things from your workplace.

Your mindset plays a very important role, and that’s why you need to have the right mindset to set the ball rolling. Many things may not work in your favour at first but keep trying, and within a few weeks, you will love the experience.

You’ve struggled enough now. Dust yourself and jeer up your spirits in a working model. Fueled and ready to go.

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