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Navigate COVID-19 Crisis With Creative Construction Marketing Tips

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Navigate COVID-19 Crisis With Creative Construction Marketing Tips Staff
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Covid-19 changed the entire business landscape. To navigate the crisis brought upon by the pandemic, businesses are re-evaluating their current business operations. It goes without saying that what was possible to achieve in the year 2019 might not be achievable in the coming year. Why? Because the pandemic is driving consumers to look around the bend and choose options that allow them to avoid any contact.

The construction industry is also strategizing, factoring in the needs of social distancing. While that can be quite challenging, many companies are making full use of this time to get creative with their marketing strategies.

Are you also trying to make the right impact with your marketing strategies? Here’s how you can own your market in the coming year. Let’s dive in.

Create A Compelling User-Experience With Your Website

This is not surprising that we are living in a digital age. So, to excel in the world of business, you must have an online presence. And that’s possible if you have a website. However, not everyone can cash-in this opportunity. It’s because they don’t use their website as a business card.

Whether you are a small contractor or a large company, your clients will look up online for you. So, think of it as a physical store, and ensure that it’s creating an impact that drives customers to interact with your business.

For instance,

  1. Try to make a compelling “About Page.” For others, it might seem a little insignificant. But, in the construction industry, your history and experience matter a lot.
  2. Let your customers know about the services you provide with a “Service Page.”
  3. Use a testimonial page to build trust. Remember, word-of-mouth marketing holds a lot more important now than ever. So, use it smartly to direct customers to your business.
  4. Make the best use of visuals and behind the scenes action to lure customers using a “Gallery page.”

But that’s not all!

Often businesses think that telling about their business is more than enough when creating an online presence. However, if you are on the first page of “Google,” the chances of higher click-through rates automatically decreases.

For that, you must use relevant content marketing strategies, such as blogs, guest posts, infographics, newsletters, and many more. And create an SEO-friendly website. Lastly, don’t forget to include contact information that allows your potential customers to reach you easily.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

First of all, let’s get the facts straight. Social media is not about posting content on Facebook or Instagram. You can achieve a lot more through social media with effective construction marketing strategies. Social media is a great tool to reach your target audience and build an excellent referral network.

You can post offers, new launches, and why you are different using text, images, or video content. Build a relationship with your customers and look for ways to solve your customers’ pain points. Having a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest account give you the power to show your projects.

But, with LinkedIn, you can be both personal and professional when posting articles to establish your company as a knowledgeable leader in your industry niche.

To Sum Up

Construction marketing requires a knowledgeable team of marketers who are well versed in emerging technologies and marketing trends to deliver the best results. The moment you start getting qualified leads, you can be sure of moving in the right direction. Does that make sense?

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