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Managing Web Projects #2 – The Workflow

Managing Web Projects #2 - The Workflow

Managing Web Projects #2 – The Workflow

This is the second post in the “Managing Web Projects” series, following on from “Managing Web Projects #1 – The Brainstorm“.

I have taken the initial mindmap and worked it into what I see is the optimal flow for a web project. It is currently set up to include database integration, but obviously this step can be omitted if not required.

Basically, it covers the life-cycle of the project from the initial pitch/quote stage, through design, testing and sign off.

I think I’ve covered all the bases, but feel free to comment if you have any questions or issues.

website workflow

The PDF version can be downloaded here.

In the next post, I’ll be discussing the first stage of the process – The Pitch.

Don’t forget to check out the e-book version here!

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Managing Web Projects

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  5. Managing Web Projects #4 – The Quote
  6. Managing Web Projects #7 – Sourcing the team and Managing the Project
  7. Managing Web Projects #6 – The Technical Requirements Specification
  8. Managing Web Projects #8 – The Design Process
  9. Managing Web Projects #9 – The Development Process
  10. Managing Web Projects #10 – Testing the Product
  11. Managing Web Projects #11 – The Change Request Form
  12. Managing Web Projects #12 – Sign-off and “Delivery”
  13. Managing Web Projects #13 – Invoicing the client
  14. Managing Web Projects #14 – Maintenance Contracts
  15. Managing Web Projects – The Whole Shebang

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