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Why Hiring Internationally Is Easier Than You Think

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Why Hiring Internationally Is Easier Than You Think

You probably know that hiring internationally can bring diversity to the workplace and make it easier to enter foreign markets. You might also be aware that you can find skilled professionals for the roles that you are struggling to fill locally. But, the thought of how difficult international recruitment can be is stopping you from taking a step to realize these benefits. Surprisingly, recruiting talents internationally is easier than you think. We tell you why and give you steps that you can take to make the process easier below.

Availability Of Recruitment Agencies

One of the options that you have when hiring internationally is to do so through a 3rd party agency such as a global PEO. And, this simplifies the process for various reasons.

For starters, learning about global compliance is vital if you are to hire successfully. You need to understand the laws and regulations that govern employment in different countries for you to hire compliantly.

Working with an international recruitment agency can help you navigate the compliance issue with ease. Such organizations have a vast knowledge of laws and regulations. They ensure that each company they work with is compliant by keeping tabs on recent regulation changes.

In addition, international PEOs make recruitment easier by:

  • Offering relocation and immigration support
  • Acting as the employer of record so you don’t have to register a legal entity
  • Providing payroll support such as paying salaries and benefits as well as filling employment taxes

The Possibility Of Remote Work

One of the things that make international hiring look stressful is the thought of relocating workers. When you think of taking care of workers’ visas or paying for the relocation, it can be easy to abandon the whole process. But, as said earlier, working with a PEO can assist you with relocation and immigration.

What makes it even easier is that you don’t have to relocate international workers. With technological advancements, people can now work from anywhere. You can have your international recruits working remotely from their home countries.

Through technology, you can have effective communication and maintain engagement with your remote team as if working in close proximity.

Diverse Job Boards

A common thought that crosses the mind when thinking of hiring internationally is where to find interested candidates. The good thing is that sourcing international candidates is easier with the many job boards available online.

You can enhance your candidate sourcing by posting your job ad on popular job boards such as Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, and ZipRecruiter among others. You can also find niche job boards to connect with candidates who are looking for jobs in your niche. For instance, if you are looking for a web designer, Dribbble, Behance, Dice and more can be great platforms to look at.

Increased Language Support Solutions

The language barrier is an expected challenge when hiring internationally. However, that doesn’t have to stop you from tapping into the global talent pool. The availability of language support systems makes it easy to communicate with hires who speak a different language effectively.

One of the steps that you can take is to implement real-time translation solutions in your communication strategy. For instance, smart speakers such as Siri use real-time translation tools to translate one language to another.

You can also find web-based translation services solutions. You only need to make sure that the solution that you choose integrates with your video conferencing software.

The Growth Of Social Media

Attracting international candidates can seem daunting. But, social media has been an essential tool in making it easy. Social media platforms are great for showcasing the employer’s brand. As you plan to hire internationally, you can use social media to highlight your company culture. Create a strong international employer brand by showing them what it is like to work in your company as an international employee.

In addition, besides job boards, social media platforms have also been instrumental in sourcing candidates in other countries. For instance, you can use geo-targeting ads on social media to target candidates in the region that you want.


The magnitude of hiring internationally can make the process seem daunting for most organizations. However, several things make it easier than you would imagine. Think of outsourcing the process to a third party that ensures compliance and takes care of other HR tasks. Job boards and social media also make it easy to attract and source candidates. Increased language support solutions help eliminate the challenge of the language barrier. In addition, you have the option of hiring remote workers, eliminating relocation and immigration stress.

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