5 Guilt-Free Project Management Tips From PMP Certified Experts

5 Guilt-Free Project Management Tips From PMP Certified Experts


Project management is all about leadership, leading the team from the front, motivating the stakeholders, excellent problem-solving, and critical thinking. But these skills don’t come overnight; you need to learn and hone them to become the best at your job and managing projects effectively.

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Cracked your PMP certification? Then many, many congratulations!

And if you’ve started recently, preparing top-notch and looking about how to crack PMP certification in the first attempt, work smartly, and you’ll.

Project management is all about leadership, leading the team from the front, motivating the stakeholders, excellent problem-solving, and critical thinking.


But these skills don’t come overnight; you need to learn and hone them to become the best at your job and managing projects effectively.

Ṭhat’s how you keep practicing, iterate and become an expert project manager in your domain.

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When I say expert, it’s not about having 15 to 17 years of experience. You can become one by 3 to 5 years, too, provided you’ve learned and implemented, have good marketability, and people see you as a thought leader sharing your expertise, which brings results to others.

And to lead your career in that direction, here are five guilt-free project management tips from the PMP certified experts to the novice project managers. Let’s dive in.

Tips are great hacks to learn fast, hone those skills, and evolve as an expert in the domain, but only when you’re serious about them. People don’t work harder but are more innovative, and that brings them enormous success.

Being a project manager is never that easy, or there is no rocket science behind it. Many questions will pop up in the journey, keeping you in doubt; all you’ve to do is hold your nerve and trust these five tips and never feel guilty about it.

Harness Your Problem Solving And Critical Thinking Ability

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Hurdles are inevitable in the projects, and being a budding project manager is a real challenge. Whether you face small or big challenges, predicting them and getting ready with solutions is what project managers are best known for.

So when you plan to tackle the hurdles on the way, you can eliminate them effectively. Therefore, the best approach could be — define the problem and its consequences, think critically about how you can come up with better ideas, take the input from the stakeholders, and finally come up with the best solution.

That’s what successful project managers do and why they are action-takers and influential decision-makers in critical conditions. Sometimes your decision may go wrong, but successful project managers always find a way to overcome and complete the project successfully,

Hone Your Management And Leadership Skills To Become An Effective Team Player


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The first and most important task for you is to manage people; that’s where you showcase your leadership skills, leading the team from the front.

However, all the project documentation is highly essential, but you need to build trust and credibility to work and lead the team effectively. Being an effective team player, you bring lots of energy and enthusiasm to the table, which creates an opportunity to learn from other members and work on the project simultaneously.

That’s how you learn the strengths and weaknesses of your team members and use them to overcome the challenges, keep all the egos aside, and work collectively.

Learn And Master Various Project Management Tools

Project management dashboard

Every business has goals and objectives to achieve, and every project relies on that factor, but how effective they are — that’s a big question.

Because a project is practical when everything is well organized and planned out, but this is not the case, that’s a reason why most of the projects fail. And to do it effectively, you need to master project management tools.

From Asana to manage everything thoroughly, you need proper planning, budget allocation, risk prediction, and management for quick status updates to ensure project growth and success.

Therefore, instead of focusing on using this new software, look for how you can optimize them to boost your project work effectively. Look for new and updated ways to work on projects — and that’s how you attain success (when you take the calculated risk.)

Take Ownership And Understand The Limitation And Embrace The Change

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Maybe you feel it too early, but taking the initiative is what the leaders are born for. A year from now, you’ll be making all the decisions by yourself. It’s true that projects will have significant risks involved but being a project manager, you need to tackle them all before it affects the projects.

Understanding team limitation is the best way to work with the team. It helps you to understand what your team is best capable of doing and where it lags. So you never fall into the trap of setting an unexpected task for them. Instead, you keep them active, engaging throughout the project.

In projects, changes are the only constant you’ll ever see. And you’ll find some new challenges every day, some will block your progress, and some will help you lead the team with better technique and go effortlessly, therefore get ready to embrace the change.

Get Your PMP Certification In The First Place And Renew It

Close up of a certification seal

PMP certification is the gold standard certification for project managers. If you didn’t have it yet, you must get it in the first place and renew it every time.

And when you have it, you have many advantages that follow your career. PMP certification does:

  • Get up to a 20% hike in your current salary.
  • Take your work to the international level
  • Open many doors and opportunities
  • Gives you credibility and does your marketability

And this is something you’ll learn in the journey when you deal with various projects, and trust me. You’ll witness the best phase of your career having your PMP certification.

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Final Words

These are the five guilt-free project management tips from the project management experts, and it comes naturally to you when you get the experience of dealing with multiple projects.

You’ll indeed get into many challenges, and you might make mistakes there. The best thing is taking the initiative, analyzing where you went wrong, and finding a better solution. It’s all about critical thinking and planning with calculated risks.


The role is not easy at all, but it makes you a skilled leader when you’ve got these above five. You can read more information about How to crack PMP certification here.

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