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Make Your Office A Nicer Place To Work With These Tips

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Make Your Office A Nicer Place To Work With These Tips Staff
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It is common knowledge that having a bright, clean, and attractive workspace is directly linked to the production of higher quantity and better quality work. If you are a manager and want to improve not only the productivity in your office but the overall ethos and wellbeing of your employees, here are some tips to help you.

Make sure it is clean

This is the very bare minimum, but sadly, many employers allow workspaces, particularly the areas where their staff can relax, to become untidy and dirty. Keeping the environment clean – no litter lying about, clean toilets and kitchen areas, bins emptied regularly and clean floors – makes a massive difference. It doesn’t have to take long or cost much money if you don’t want to hire a cleaner – some basic cleaning supplies, a decent vacuum, a mop, and entrance door mats to stop dirt being walked into the office can make a huge difference.


Plants and flowers are visually appealing, and also help to increase the amount of oxygen in the air, which means your workplace would be a healthier place! Greenery adds a bit of color and vibrancy to an otherwise sterile and plain environment, and most need very little in the way of care – just designate someone to water them every few days!


Most offices are very plain and bare spaces – after all, you don’t want fussy wallpaper to distract people from work. Plain, painted walls are also cheaper and allow you to change your furniture and carpets without worrying about it clashing with your decor. However, this can be very boring. Having some beautiful or unique pieces of art dotted about can really transform a space and provide a talking point.


Natural lighting is, of course, the best choice for any office space. It helps to lift the mood and prevents conditions such as SADs (seasonal affective disorder). Make sure the light can come through freely, and that any blinds are easy to operate and are kept clean.

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If natural light is not an option, and in some cases, it just isn’t, decent lighting is an absolute must. Try to choose bulbs that mimic natural light as far as possible, and if they blow, replace them immediately.


Boosting the mood in your office space does not just mean improving it visually, but music can be a massive mood booster and a great motivator. Of course, this does depend on your setting – a client call center is probably not going to work well if there is music playing, but for a standard office, some quiet background music can really make a difference. It makes it feel welcoming and happy, and a generally nicer place to work.

Showing that you care about your staff enough to keep your office environment clean, bright, and welcoming can have a significant impact on staff morale and therefore work output. Try implementing these things today and see the difference.

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