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Live Free: It’s Your Life

Live Free: It's Your Life

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Everyone wants freedom. It’s the thing that pulls us towards our goals, pushes us into action and motivates us to do something different – but only if you let it.

Being free means something different to everyone. It might mean being able to set your own terms by starting up your own business or going freelance; it might mean getting the chance to travel the world; it might mean something more simple like being able to fulfil your goals.

Whatever being free means to you, now is the time to claim it for yourself and make some changes in your life.

Get in Touch With Yourself

Finding out what you want can be more difficult than you might think. For a start, you will have lots of people expecting different things of you and all kinds of cultural assumptions made. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but you do need to work out whether you suit the lifestyle that is expected of you. And if you don’t, it’s time to reassess what you really want.

Lots of people think that they want a high flying career earning lots of money and achieving a great social status. And yet, while this might be what western ideals suggest is the best lifestyle possible, what if you don’t want to work long stressful hours or simply don’t have the skillset to do that type of job?

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Instead of following a predetermined path, think about what your own ambitions are and how you can use the skills you have to get there. Meditation is a great way to get in touch with your inner self and be more honest about what you want. Take the time to really think about the most important things you want in your life: love, friends, family, travel, fulfilment. All of these things are worth having but don’t necessarily mean you can choose only one path.

The key to happiness is working out what you want; once you know, all you need to do is set yourself free from peer pressure and have the confidence to follow your own path.

Cut the Bad Habits Holding You Back

Everyone has some bad habits but the more you can control them, the better you will feel and the freer you will be to pursue the things you really want. Bad habits are difficult to break, especially if you are doing them subconsciously. However, if you want to feel free then you must realise what you are doing and examine the reasons why.

From Passion To Profit

For example, if you are a smoker what is it that makes you crave a cigarette? Are there some days where you smoke more than others? Could you just stop if you wanted to? If you can’t then this bad habit has now become an addiction that will dictate everything from the way you budget your money to where you spend time and how you develop your relationships.

There are a variety of ways that you can stop your bad habits. Staying with the example of smoking, you could choose to go cold turkey: simple put out your last cigarette and don’t buy or smoke any more. This will take a lot of willpower but if you are determined, it will work. An alternative is to gradually reduce the frequency or amount of time you spend on a bad habit. So, in the case of smoking, you might switch to an e-cigarette and then reduce the amount of nicotine over a few months. While this will take longer, it won’t have the same sudden impact as going cold turkey so may be more successful. Have a look at Ecigwizard for everything you will need.

Procrastination is another bad habit that could be holding you back. It is the idea that you will do something when you are ready without ever setting a definition for what ‘ready’ means. Procrastination might not be a serious addiction but if you are constantly putting things off, you will never reach your goals. Get real and start thinking seriously. Make a list of the goals you want to achieve and set a time scale for you to stick to including intermediary goals. This will help you to visualise what you can do and how you will do it.

Make Opportunities and Take Them!

When you know what you want and you have kicked the habits preventing you from getting there, it’s time to make some opportunities for yourself. Unfortunately, life isn’t like the movies and things won’t just magically happen to benefit you. This means that you need to get out there and start making things happen.

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For example, if it has always been your dream to run your own business, start creating a business plan and figuring out how you are going to get funding. Think about what you want to achieve with your business, who your target audience is and which methods you will use to reach your targets. Then, when you are ready, take a leap of faith and have a go!

Other opportunities may be more difficult to make for yourself. For example, you can’t just plan to meet the love of your life next Tuesday. What you can do is put yourself into plenty of situations where you might just meet the one. Take classes, go to parties, meet friends of friends, go out more. Opportunity is about being ready to see what happens just as much as it is about being proactive and inviting new things into your life. With a more open attitude, you will feel much freer to make the right decisions based on what you want, not what is expected.

It’s easy to stay on a path that has been designated for you, one that takes you along with the crowds and will always be safe. However, taking a bold risk and putting yourself out there to get what you really want is the best way to achieve your freedom. Anyone can go through the motions, and let’s face it, most of us do just that, but if you have the motivation to succeed and the bravery to take the jump, you can do so much more with your life.

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