8 Important Steps In The Stairway To Success


Are you being held back on the path to success? If so there are 8 steps you can take to improve your motivation and achieve the goals that you’ve been struggling with.

8 Important Steps In The Stairway To Success
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Everyone has an innate desire to be successful and a unique perception about success. For some, success can be having lots of money. For others, it might be financial independence and a peaceful life without stress. For everyone that is driven by the will to succeed and excel in life: kudos to you! You’ve already taken the first step towards a better life.

There are many points of view when it comes to success. If you’ve been reading other articles or books that delve into this subject, you’ve surely noticed that each author or blogger has his or her own point of view based on experience. However, I did notice some patterns that are also congruent with my own experience in managing a successful business and I’ve decided to share my vision of attaining success in 8 steps:

Find Something You’re Passionate About

Being passionate about something simply makes doing it a whole lot easier. You won’t be exhausted after doing it a whole day. On the contrary, you will feel energized and motivated to be better at it the next day. The best way to know if you’re truly passionate about something is when you feel so connected to what you’re doing that you lose track of time.

There are a series of questions that you can ask yourself if you don’t know what you like yet:

What do you take pleasure in doing?

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What would you do daily, even if you weren’t paid?

What’s the activity that makes you feel in your element?

Make a list with all the activities that bring you joy and happiness. Listen to your inner voice and discover the things that fulfill your physical and spiritual needs. Select the ones that best resonate with your authentic self.

Remember: it’s not something that you do for money!

If you’re truly passionate about what you’re doing, the money will come in time.

Work On It

After you’ve discovered your calling, it’s important that you work on it. Simply having an affinity for something will not suffice because nobody was born an expert. Nevertheless, attaining expertise will come naturally because working and learning won’t seem like a chore, but rather a fun activity.

Become An Expert

In today’s competitive environment where everyone can learn anything, you need expertise if you want to excel and you need creativity if you want to stand out.

Continuously evolve and learn new things about what you’re passionate about.

Let curiosity be your friend.

Stay Focused

Don’t start on more than one activity at a time, because you won’t be able to be fully focused. You might be able to be good at two things, but your chances of truly being on top will diminish if you focus on more than one passion.

Some of you might be further along the stairway, while others are just starting out. Leave a comment and tell us how far along you’ve come and how much you still have.

From Passion To Profit

Compete With Yourself

It’s good to keep track of your progress because you avoid deluding yourself.

Promise yourself that you will continuously grow and be better at what you do by setting higher expectations as time goes by. For example, if you sold 100 products last week, try selling 120 products this week.

Be 100% Involved

Get into the zone by being 100% involved in what you’re doing in the present moment.

The famous “state of flow” that professionals, entrepreneurs and artists strive to get into is the “place” where maximum productivity meets maximum pleasure in doing the activity. It’s a place that cancels outside distractions, where you get things done fast and where your ingenuity can roam free.

Be Creative

You might reach that flow state, get lots of things done and, suddenly, come to an abrupt stop because ideas you’ve run out ideas.

That’s OK, as long as you don’t get stuck.

How to avoid that moment of “limbo” in which nothing worthwhile happens?

Get out of the zone. Go for a walk, have some fun with your friends or do something that has nothing to do with your area of expertise.

After you’ve phased out, it’s time to phase back in by discovering new things about your passion.

Read books, articles, watch tutorials and learn to ask the right questions.


The most important trait that successful people share is that they never gave up, no matter what difficulties they’ve faced in their careers.

The best thing you can do when you’re faced with a setback is to keep on going.

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“Persistence is the number one reason for success.”

Did you discover your true calling? How far have you come so far?

Let us know in the comments below.

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