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Keeping Fit In Winter When Motivation Is Low

Keeping Fit In Winter When Motivation Is Low

Keeping Fit In Winter When Motivation Is Low Staff
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Keeping fit always seems easier in the summer. We walk more when the sun is shining and being outdoors is pleasant. We’re keen to cool down with a swim in the pool, and we’re eager to look our best in skimpy outfits and swimwear. Most of us also eat better when it’s hot, craving salads and light meals, and staying away from stodgy puddings and big comforting casseroles. Even without trying, we seem to tone up, and it’s much easier to be motivated to exercise, when the weather is nice, our mood is good, and we’re feeling positive about life.

Then, winter comes along, and suddenly keeping fit and taking care of our health is much more difficult. Weight Loss Surgery can feel like your only option as your motivation vanishes. No one wants to walk when it’s freezing outside, and we all know that we’re going to take a fitness and healthy eating break over Christmas, so what is the point of trying now? If you suffer from seasonal depression or the winter blues, you might find it hard enough motivating yourself to get out of bed in the morning, never mind hitting the gym.

But it’s essential that you do. While a few days or even weeks away from any exercise regime over the holidays won’t hurt you, take much longer off, and your fitness levels and health will suffer. There are certain things we can do that improve our health and tools such as progressive lenses to fill gaps in our vision for example, but when it comes to our overall cardiovascular health and overall fitness we need to be extra careful.

Taking time off from exercise can affect your mood, and the longer you leave it, the harder it is to get back into things. So, let’s take a look at some ways to stay fit and healthy over the wintertime when you might not be motivated to hit the gym.

Practice Yoga

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Yoga is an excellent exercise for those of us that don’t enjoy exercise. It has countless benefits, some of which include boosting your circulation, improving your mood, helping you to sleep, reducing winter aches and pains and strengthening and toning muscles. But it isn’t like going for a run. You can practice at home, in your PJs if you want to, and just a little each day can make a massive difference to your strength, posture and health.

Find Exercise Classes That You Enjoy

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If you are struggling to find any passion for exercising alone, try some classes. Stay away from structured classes, and instead try things that you enjoy like dance classes or trampolining. Have a look to see what is available in your local area and try anything that sounds fun.

Get a Workout Buddy

We’re more likely to stick to exercise if we have a partner to push us. You might not go to the gym if you are going alone, but would you call a friend to cancel? Find a friend that wants to improve their fitness and team up to help each other.

Move to Keep Warm

If you are moving, you are exercising. All activity helps. So, if you are standing waiting for the bus on a cold morning, walk up and down or job on the spot to keep you warm. Get up and do a lap of your office if you get chilly and try not to be still for long periods.

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