How You Can Turn A Career You Love Into Your Future: Tips To Help You Do It


Not many people are blessed with a career they love. More often than not, people treat their jobs as just a source of income rather than a fulfilling part of their lives. However, we all spend a good chunk of our lives working and creating the career path we are on, so why shouldn’t we love what we do? In this article we look at how you can love your career.

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Not many people are blessed with a career they love. More often than not, people treat their jobs as just a source of income rather than a fulfilling part of their lives. However, we all spend a good chunk of our lives working and creating the career path we are on, so why shouldn’t we love what we do? The truth is many people are scared to take those necessary steps to changing their career or falling in love with the job they do. But that needs to change.

There is no denying that many of us spend a huge chunk of our time doing jobs to earn a living. To have a job that we dispose is only going to have a negative impact as time moves on. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what it is you want to do or what you feel passionate about. Other times it can be difficult to know exactly what steps you can take to ensure that you get to the stage you want to be at. With that in mind, here are some top tips to turn your career into something you love. I hope it inspires you to make some changes.

Look at your current career and decide what you want to do

One question you need to ask yourself is, do you love the career industry you are in, or not? It can be difficult to love construction, maybe hard work to have a customer facing role or to work for a big multi million dollar corporation. So it is worth being more specific, do you like your job or would you love it if you moved up the ladder? The answer will certainly dominate your next steps. You need to have the foundation to create a career that makes you feel passionate. If that isn’t in your current industry, then you need to be working out where you would feel happy. If it is in your current industry then you need to decide at what stage up the career ladder you want to reach.

Make your career more flexible

Maybe you have a career you love, and one industry that many people thrive and get huge job satisfaction out of working in the health and medical sector. You may be a nurse on the frontline and love helping people, it might be that you are a surgeon, or a doctor. But the one main issue many people can have about a career in this industry is the amount of hours and shifts that need to be covered. If you love the job but want more time then considering a switch to becoming emergency medicine locums could be the answer. Maybe the time has come to switch the area in which you specialise as a nurse, perhaps looking at health in a different remit. There can be more flexibility to your career, and if that is the only things putting you off it may be time to research what your options are.

Be innovative and work hard

No matter whether you are changing industries or working up the ladder, you’d be a fool to think that you’ll get there without hard work. It’s a fact that you will need to knuckle down and be innovative in the workplace. However, what asking those earlier questions should have done, is provide you with the motivation to up your game. Or the confidence to make those necessary changes. Being innovative in the workplace can mean that you speak up with different ideas, show your capabilities and not be afraid to have confidence to stand out.

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Case studies have shown that if you have good health and safety practices in your workplace, it improves the profitability of a business and the performance of the workforce. You must also remember that it can end up costing more money if you have poor workplace health and safety.

What about your resume?

Going for a new job in a new industry and changing careers entirely can be a scary road to go on, so your resume needs to be a helping hand to get your foot in the door of some of these places and to get to the interview stage. Take time to go through your resume and include all necessary experience. But also be aware that you may want to ensure that you work the wording to the new career option so that you can show yourself off in the best possible light.

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Go back and retrain

Sometimes to get to where we need to be we need to retrain. Perhaps learn new skills or become more knowledgeable on subject matters. Learning can boost your confidence, making it much easier for you to go after the promotions or a new job you want. This could be something you can do in your spare time, such as difference degrees or qualifications that you can gain to help you get to where you want to be.

Take on additional responsible

For a lot of people, showing initiative is important, and often this may be without reward initially. But taking on extra work and responsible shows how capable you are. It can work well towards any interviews for promotions coming up or even on your resume for a new career entirely. This can be one of the hardest steps to gain, as you are stepping into an unknown. But the experience gained can be very beneficial for future moves you want to make.

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Have a positive mindset

A positive mindset is essential to getting anywhere in life. Take a look at the most successful people around today. The likes of Richard Branson didn’t get where he is today without total belief in himself. Steve Jobs had complete faith in his product when launching things like the iPhone and iPod. Successful people don’t get anywhere if they are thinking the worst of themselves, you have to be your biggest fan.

Network and get yourself out there

Finally, get yourself out there and in front of the right people. Surround yourself with them. Networking at events is a great way to be close to like-minded individuals. You can pick up a few tricks of the trade and feel inspired by what you do.

Let’s hope this helps you turn your career into something you love.

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