How to make your boss love you

How to make your boss love you

There’s an interesting post over at US News, written by Alison Green, called “10 ways to make your boss love you” and whilst it is written in a “Corporate Speak” style (Green is a manager herself so I guess you can’t blame her!), there are a few interesting points that the article highlights.

Here’s my favourite of the ten:

2. More broadly, have your act together. Stay on top of things, ensure your boss only has to tell you something once, don’t let things fall through the cracks, and generally be someone she can rely on. Often employee complaints of micromanagement can be traced back to problems in this area, and fixing this stuff can fix the micromanagement.

I completely agree that most employees who suffer from a micromanaging boss bring some of that on themselves. Whilst they may not be letting things fall through the gaps now, they may have done sometime in the past which could still give their boss cause for concern and feel they have to keep tabs on you all the time in case you do it again.

There’s one point I’m not too sure about though:

9. Speak up when you’re unhappy. If you’re frustrated about something, raise it…

Depending on your corporate culture, you may or may not be able to raise issues with your boss. And, the relationship you have with your boss will dictate whether you feel you can bring up problems with them – especially if they’re part of the problem.

Green seems to feel that the problems stem with the employee rather than the manager. However, surely a good manager would notice that the employee is having a problem? I’ve written before on the subject of Ineffectual Managers and what to do about them and I think that Green glosses over the “boss can be a problem too” aspect of the problem.

While I don’t think it’ll have your boss eating out of your hand it’s worth checking out so head on over to “10 ways to make your boss love you” and have a read

Hat Tip to Ask A Manager (Also written by Alison Green) for the initial link to the story

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