Jargon Warning – it may be heading to your office soon!

Jargon Warning – it may be heading to your office soon!

It’s summer, your boss has just returned from holiday and all of a sudden all of this new jargon and buzzwords fill the office.

The reason?

Your boss has been reading management books on his holiday!

The BBC has an interesting article  on some of the new jargon that could be heading our way – and if you’re in the UK you may not be able to avoid it even if your boss isn’t in to that sort of thing. David Cameron has a list of books his MPs are required to read over the summer:

David Cameron has set a reading list of 38 non-fiction books for Conservative MPs to work through on their sun-loungers.

And he’s not the only boss who’ll be dropping new buzzwords and
outside-box thinking. Recent years have seen a spate of books marketed
at managers, often from the worlds of “behavioural economics” and pop
psychology, and yours may be the latest to enthuse about nudges,
tipping points, wikinomics, or – for those behind the curve – long

38 Books? Well, I get that’s the reason MPs in the UK get about 6 weeks off then!

So, what sort of claptrap are we going to have to put up with?

  • Thin Slicing (seeing patterns in situations and behaviour based on very narrow “slices of experience”)
  • The Locked Door (blocking off the mind from too much deliberation)
  •  Warren Harding Errors (or, judging a book by its cover – after
    the “presidential looking” Harding, now usually rated the worst
    inhabitant of the White House)

Great, just what we need!

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