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How To Feel Good At Work And Look Good While You’re At It

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How To Feel Good At Work And Look Good While You’re At It

Considering that about a third of your life is spent at work or on work-related business, figuring out a way to feel and look your best while doing it seems like a no-brainer.

However, all of the demands of ironing out a work-life balance, and family matters, and self-care, and responsibilities, and relationships, oh my, can sometimes become overwhelming, and the stress begins to show in more ways than one.

While there is one magical fix to upping your game at work, there are a few tips that you can try to increase your feel-goods while looking sharp.

The Best Way To Feel Good Is To Focus on Wellness

If you are working on improving your work-life balance, you are likely employed, but remember that you are not the sum of only your employment. While your career accomplishments are significant, you would still recognize yourself in front of a mirror without them. To be the best at home and work, you have to start from square one. Surprise! You are square one.

There are some aspects of wellness that you can focus on to support your overall physical, mental, and emotional health. Deepening your spiritual wellness is also recommended for those who rely on spiritual foundations. Simple ways to start increasing your personal wellness include:

  • Getting 8 to 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night
  • Rethinking your diet to include choices like probiotic supplements
  • Participating in at least 30 minutes of vigorous movement each day
  • Staying hydrated with plenty of water plus fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Stepping outside for some fresh air and that sweet, sweet Vitamin D
  • Taking 10 minutes at the end of the day to journal to identify trends
  • Trying new ways to quiet your mind like meditation, yoga, or breath exercises
  • Increasing vulnerability and honesty by expressing emotions and needs freely

After developing your wellness for a while, you will begin to see positive changes. Once people experience positive change, it brings a powerful shift in mood and overall demeanor. If you start to feel more motivated or productive in your daily tasks, it is a natural by-product of wellness.

The Importance Of Matching New Motivation To Your Outfit

When you feel better, other people will notice besides just you. As you head into your most productive season of life yet, consider a wardrobe that matches your energy and attitude. Your skin is more radiant from increased water and nutrient intake, your clothes will fit better thanks to more nutritious choices, and you will feel more stable and balanced from focusing your thoughts. When motivation increases, you might feel driven to accomplish more.

The top three business colors are too stale for some and reek of the old guard. As a result, they want to bring something fresh to the table. If you share progressive sentiments and want to communicate the becoming of your best self and dedication to the board room, consider what other colors represent. While traditional power colors in business are black and navy because they communicate authoritative tradition, red conveys staunch control and action-oriented success.

  • Green suggests renewal, tranquility, calm, and balance
  • Pink represents confidence, attention to detail, and can communicate innocence
  • Brown is an earthy choice that lets others know you’re grounded and connected
  • Orange conveys enthusiasm with balance, communication, and creativity
  • Yellow catches the eye and relays happiness, connection, and curiosity

The Satisfaction Of Personal And Professional Development

When your inner growth begins to match your outer projection, you will likely start to notice that your workday feels less like, well, work and more like an integral part of your day. Even people who aren’t career-minded can appreciate the benefits of steady employment that allows you to advance in your field and grow professionally.

As the road to progress, it is natural to experience setbacks, speed bumps, and detours. As you become more grounded in your self-awareness and improve your life balance, the growth process will feel easier and more fulfilling.

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