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How Hiring A Lead Generation Expert Can Help Your Small Business

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How Hiring A Lead Generation Expert Can Help Your Small Business Staff
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Every sale starts with lead generation.

But the question is – are your leads converting and generating income?

To ensure that your business succeeds, you will have to work on attracting the right target audience by making them interested in your product and converting them into leads.

Unless you already have a team with special expertise in leads generation, the best option for your small business is to hire a lead generation expert.

It’s worthy to note that content marketing and SEO optimization are the main tactics that you can apply to generate leads. Thus, the expert you hire has to be well versed in these areas.

Here are the main benefits your small business can derive when you hire a lead generation expert:

Get Qualified Leads With Content A Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to get qualified leads. In fact, statistics suggest that content marketing produces three times more prospects than outbound marketing, and costs 62% less.

But before you start your content marketing campaign, you need to perform extensive market research so that your business can make smart decisions.

You want to ensure that there are potential buyers for the product that you’re going to produce.

And this is where lead generation experts can come into the play!

And once you are done with the market analysis, you can entirely focus on creating content.

Even here, an expert will come in handy. A lead generation expert will know what kind of content works best with the audience and help you craft it accordingly.

As per stats, 74% of consumers feel unsatisfied when a business offers content that is not personalized. To personalize your content and offer the best experience for your readers by delivering relevant content, you will have to rely a great deal on the visitor data.

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can help personalize your content too. But above all, you need a skilled lead generation specialist who can help you create the right content for your audience.

Ace Your SEO Game

It is true that 68% of online experiences start with a search engine. Furthermore, statistics suggest that SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic as compared to organic social media.

Thus, your business will most likely lack behind if you don’t craft an effective SEO strategy. Any good SEO process starts with market research. However, the entire process can be very taxing.

The good news is that you can always hire a lead generation expert from any reputable SEO agency.

When you hire a lead generation expert, he/she will serve as an SEO consultant, work closely with you to understand your business and define your SEO campaign goals.

A lot of work goes into an SEO campaign like performing competitor research, search intent analysis, and only then coming up with the target keywords.

But once you implement it, you will be targeting quality traffic. SEO is not like the traditional outbound ad channels. You will not have to reach out to consumers regardless of whether they want to hear from you or not.

Outbound versus inbound conversion


Instead, it is an inbound strategy that makes it easy for your audience to find you as and when they need to access information from you.

Plus, as per HubSpot’s report, 59% of marketers said that implementing inbound strategies brought the best quality leads to their sales teams.

Create Landing Pages That Convert

Not all landing pages can convert the leads into buyers. Experts say that the anatomy of a perfect landing page begins with writing a compelling headline and a strong opening. It will build your reader’s interest and motivate them to scroll down the page to gain more information.

Sample landing page layour


While doing this, you are also creating more persuasive content for the social media channels you opt to release it on.

And in this case also, a lead generation expert can help you to create useful landing pages that will convert.

Wrapping Up

Whether it is content marketing or SEO strategy, you will have to perform better than your competitors to generate quality leads that convert.

The competition is massive.

If statistics are anything to go by, 61% of marketers are trying to improve their SEO and online presence.

To cut it out from the rest, you will need the helping hand of experts.

Not only do you need to offer informative and relevant content, but you will also need to employ winning SEO strategies and create landing pages that convert. Therefore, hiring a lead generation expert will go a long way.

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