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How Do Corporate Communications Work?

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Are you thinking of going into the field of corporate communications? If so, you should definitely take a look at Carlton James or also Franci Zavrl who have both dominated this line of work for many years. However, for now, let’s take a look at what corporate communications is, including how it works, why it’s important, and what the difference is between PR and corporate communications.

What Is Corporate Communication?

Corporate communications are fairly easy to understand, but rater harder to carry out and perform. When someone is talking about corporate communications, they are simply referring to the various ways in which a business or organization communicates with other entities. More specifically, the way in which these businesses and corporations communicate with their internal and external audiences. The internal audience will include workers, vendors, partners, and other people interacting with the internal side of the company. The external audience is going to include customers and potential customers.

What Are The Different Types Of Corporate Communications?

Here’s a closer look at the different types of corporate communications. The internal corporate communications will include any and all messages that are shared between employees and any stakeholders; this is particularly seen among the stakeholders who have an interest in the business, or more specifically, the production side of the business. The external communications include any of the messages that are shared with the consumer in hopes of getting them to do business with the corporation or to keep getting them to do business if they are already existing customers.

Is PR The Same As Corporate Communication?

PR and corporate communications are, in fact, not the same. PR professionals tend to deal with the public while also working with the media to convey certain messages to the public audience. On the other hand, a corporate communications director works to handle more internal communications. The communications handled by this director tend to be directed toward certain people like:

  • Employees
  • Executive teams
  • Investors
  • Stockholders

Various Examples Of Corporate Communications

When a corporate communications director sends a message to employees, this is an example of corporate communications. Below is an example of a message that might be shared that would be considered corporate communications:

“Dear employee,

Tomorrow we will be shutting down the office for renovations. Please proceed to the office next door for the next week to complete your work duties. Thanks so much.


Corporate Communications Director (with signature)”

Here is an example of corporate communications with stakeholders:

“Dear stakeholder,

We are proud to announce a new opportunity to invest in the company. If you are interested in learning about this new opportunity, please don’t hesitate to attend the meeting next week on the 14th at 5:00 pm EST.


Communications Director (with signature)”

What Tools Are Used For Corporate Communications?

There are several tools used to perform corporate communications, with email being one of the most popular.

Below is a list of more tools used to perform corporate communications:

  • Private and group messaging
  • Intranet chatting
  • Private and shared calendars
  • Case ticketing
  • Issue tracking
  • Forums
  • Open discussions
  • In-person communications

What Skills Does A Person Need To Be A Corporate Communications Director?

To be a corporate communications director, you will need impeccable communications skills. This means you should be able to communicate well with employees, stakeholders, stockholders, other executive-level workers, and most importantly, customers.

Are you still considering becoming a corporate communications director? If so, you should definitely check out Carlton James and learn about the various ways he has used his skills to become one of the most accomplished corporate communication directors in the world.

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