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Hiring Solutions For Small Businesses During The Busy Season

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Hiring Solutions For Small Businesses During The Busy Season Staff
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Every small business goes through a cycle of busy and dormant seasons. Although each has different peak periods, the holidays often increase activities. Recruitment for small businesses is getting hectic, especially as they appear to be battling for the same talent pool as larger companies.

According to statistics, 42% of small businesses have this growing concern and the impact on business visibility. Fortunately, you can get ahead with hiring during busy periods with a few tips, including the following.

Turn Your Focus On Mobile Optimisation Of Job Ads

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The mobile route cannot be ignored if you are concerned about using every medium to reach potential job seekers. This is mainly because the country’s mobile phone consumer market is above 90%. Additionally, the smartphone penetration rate currently stands at 85%, making it one of the highest worldwide. Fortunately for small businesses, millennials are the highest number of users searching for job vacancies on their smartphones.

With this critical information, it is recommended to mobile-optimize your job ads. It is also worth noting that optimising your job ads to mobile platforms allows quicker access to social media. In other words, you will have a wider reach and an increased chance of finding the right talent pool. During the busy season, speed and effectiveness are elements you do not want to overlook. Moreover, because you are hiring, it is in your interest to utilise the fastest routes to access the right candidates.

Rely On A Specialised Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency spares you the difficulties of handling the hiring process in a busy season. They provide the platform to reach a dependable hiring pool. Furthermore, they help you whittle down the numbers until the right talents are found. Indeed, recruitment agencies often have their strengths and weaknesses. In other words, they have expertise in different recruitment areas.

For example, some are solely in business to help companies recruit specific roles in H.R, Accounting, C-suite positions and so on. Knowing this beforehand will be advantageous to your small business. Therefore, if your establishment is building-inclined, you may want to concentrate on an agency specialising in construction recruitment.

Organise Outreach In Colleges

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The strategy many small businesses use now is to concentrate on final-year college students and graduates. These are groups of people who are ready to get onto the job market to pay off accumulated student debts. Organising these outreaches in colleges means you recognise the huge potential of this future workforce. Many businesses consider college students the future workforce because of their talent pool. The tip, however, is to organise these outreaches during your lean season.

Wrapping Up

In other words, when things are not too hectic in your small business, these programs can yield great results when the time comes. After a series of outreaches, you can be sure that you convinced hundreds of soon-to-graduate college students to work for you. So, when you finally need a talent pool, these graduates are potential job applicants to easily fall back on during the busy season.

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