Dress Smarter: Work Smarter

Dress Smarter: Work Smarter

Dress Smarter: Work Smarter

As I sit here in my “Slobby Gear” (Speedo beach trousers and a Toronto Maples Leafs hockey shirt) I got to thinking about how dress in the workplace can affect our productivity in that so-called “rigid”¬†environment.

Many workplaces (including my own) now offer a more relaxed environment in terms of attire. Within my own office for example, the managers and directors are only seen out of jeans when meeting a client.

This attitude helps foster good working relations between staff and management, relaxing workers, making corporate culture seem less rigid and can boost productivity by over 80% (as a general by-product of a single day? I’m Not too sure about that metric!)

So how else can this affect productivity?

Before Christmas, once I’d gotten my “feet under my desk” at my new job I began to slip into a more relaxed mode of dress at work, this made me feel calmer but as a result I noticed quite a dramatic drop in my work output.

Whilst this might not be true for most people, I’ve found since adopting a more formal style of dress (excluding Fridays of course!) I’ve knuckled down and started to work harder, faster and smarter.

I’m not talking about full-on suits with shoulder pads a la Dallas; just smart trousers, shirt and one of my many jumpers (I rival M&S in that department).

Dressing smarter helps me to focus whilst at work, making me feel more “business like” and can, therefore, zone-in on the days work ahead.

This way of dressing at work also has the added benefit of me being able to come home, get into the aforementioned “Slobby Gear” and almost completely switch off from work – I’m not in work clothes so I don’t have to think about it.

Try it yourself for a week, I guarantee you’ll notice a difference and I’d be surprised if you don’t’!

For more information read “Benefit or Burden: Dress Down Days“, the results seem to contradict my feelings on the matter but hey, I’m strange – and the survey was done on Accountants (say no more!)

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