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Different Types Of Corporate Name Badges


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More and more people are recognising just how important and integral name badges are becoming to businesses around the UK. Many few would have predicted that such a small product can offer so much to a company. Nonetheless, name badges offer huge benefits to the business, their employees, and their customers. They provide a source of identification and so a relaxed customer experience, they make employees feel unified and appreciated and therefore productivity enhances, and they offer businesses a unique and effective way of marketing.

Nevertheless, what a lot of individuals don’t acknowledge is the fact that there is more than one type of name badge. Depending on the event or the purpose, a different name badge may be required from the norm. Read on to discover more about the two main different types of name badges…

Standard corporate name badges

Let’s begin with the most commonly used type of name badge. This is the standard name tag that is worn by employees on a daily basis when they are at work. These name badges tend to be smaller in size compared to the other types of name tags because they do not require the incorporation of as much information as the others do. After all, the main purpose of this name badge is to make the customer experience easier as they will be able to identify your members of staff and gain their attention by calling their name if needed. Most businesses thus only tend to include the employee’s name in question on the name tag. Nevertheless, you may also find that their job title is printed on there as well. However, no matter what other information is included you need to make sure the first name is the most prominent piece of information on the name tag.

These sorts of name tags may be very simple but they are also very important. They present a good way of making new employees feel comfortable because other workers do not need to keep asking their name. They also present you with a great way of enhancing your customer service, as clients will be able to easily identify who is working for your business and who isn’t.

Name badges for business events

When attending business events it is recommended that you and your employees wear different name badges in comparison to those that you would wear on a daily basis. After all, it is likely that the event you are going to is going to be a marketing opportunity and therefore you need to ensure the badges grab attention and offer more information in comparison to the prior option. Because of this these types of name tags tend to be slightly bigger in size. This is because more information is incorporated.

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You will certainly want to include your company’s logo and/or name. Not only this, but you may want to give a method of getting in touch with your business. A good idea is to print your company’s web address on the badges. This is a lot easier to remember than a phone number after all. Make sure the design of the name badges is bold and eye-catching. Nevertheless, do not overcomplicate things. Stick to simplistic use of images and fonts. You need to make sure the crucial information you provide is legible.

You also need to consider the event in question and your company’s display stand at the event. You can check out Infinity Exhibits expo displays for some inspiration. After all, at these events, it is all about building a strong brand image. Therefore everything from your display stand to your name bags needs to be consistent and in line with the brand you are creating. Of course, your exhibition stand is way more prominent than your name badges, so you should start with this first and then design your badges second.

It is highly recommended that you use different business name badges for events in comparison to what you would use on a daily basis. After all, name badges serve different purposes on each occasion and therefore it is highly beneficial to have two versions created.

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