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Develop A Globe-trotting Career

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For some people, traveling the world is their dream. While some people are choosing the digital nomad route so they can keep traveling, others prefer to settle down for at least a few years so they can get to know somewhere new. If you want an international career, you need to consider your options to find the opportunities that you desire.

Learn Another Language

You can often find work abroad that is conducted largely in English. Many international companies will run offices in English, or you might provide specific English-language services. But having an extra language or even more than one can give you a great advantage. Languages like Spanish or French can give you a number of possibilities for where to move.

Focus on Transferable Skills

Another thing to consider is how well your job and your skills can apply in different countries. When you start working in a certain role, you don’t want it to be so specific to one country that you won’t be able to find work elsewhere. Although some of your knowledge might be locally relevant, it’s helpful to have more transferable skills and knowledge too.

Get the Right Qualifications

When you’re considering qualifications, try to find those that will help you to find opportunities around the world. Some qualifications, like a Master of Laws (LLM), are perfect for anyone seeking international roles. Look for qualifications that are sought in different countries so that you can keep your possibilities open in a number of different countries and not just one.

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