Can A Pet Really Make Your Home Happier?

Can A Pet Really Make Your Home Happier?


How do you feel about pets? Do you think of them as just another thing to take care of, and you could do without them? Do you think of them as a necessary part of the household, because everyone needs to pet something fuzzy and friendly when the going gets tough? Either way, owning a pet has often been touted as one of the main ways to make yourself happier in life.

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How do you feel about pets? Do you think of them as just another thing to take care of, and you could do without them? Do you think of them as a necessary part of the household, because everyone needs to pet something fuzzy and friendly when the going gets tough? Either way, owning a pet has often been touted as one of the main ways to make you and your family happier in life.

You might be wondering what type of pet is more suitable for you, if you have children then a rabbit might be more suitable than a bird, if you’re out during the day then you may want to think about getting a cat as they are more independent and if you are considering getting a canine companion then you can learn some of the benefits of owning a dog at

So, we’ve established that your home could be made happier from the inclusion of a pet, but how does it work? How does adding a four or two legged friend to your household ensure you’re feeling better in yourself, and wake up with a brighter outlook on life? Well, let’s get into a few of the common details below!

You’ll Find Yourself in a Routine

Pets demand that you get yourself into a routine, especially if you’ve brought a young animal home and you need to house train and/or get them onto a schedule of their own. You’ve got to get to bed earlier, to match their sleeping pattern. You’ve got to wake up earlier, to ensure they’re fed, and can be taken outside to go to the toilet if need be. All in all, you’ll be adjusting to a new routine yourself, and human beings thrive off of that.

We need a routine to ensure we’re getting enough sleep, as well as eating on time, and that we’re feeling stable and happy in ourselves – sleep matters a lot more than you think it might! And if your little puppy or kitten is adjusting to a similar routine, why not join in? It’ll be a lot easier to wake up when they do, and you won’t feel anywhere near as tired as you would if you had a later bedtime, or like to have lay-ins on the weekends.

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If there’s one task you have to grow into, it is feeding your pet. Dogs, for example, have varying nutritional needs, and this post can help you find the right dog food. Choosing, preparing, or buying what’s best and healthy for your best pal is simply a natural course for pet parents.

You’ll Spend More Responsibly

Pets need a budget. They need a lot of cash behind them, for vet bills, pet insurances, necessary equipment like beds, as well as food, toys, and treats. All in all, these items can add a lot to your monthly expenses, with pet insurance alone adding a hefty average of £15 to your outgoing bills every 30 days, spending on a pet can seem like insanity. To have a better idea of how much is pet insurance, Canine Journal breaks down the involved costs in getting one for your pet as it can take a big budget to care for them!

And yet, people have been finding ways around these hefty price tags for centuries now. People have always owned pets, from the richest people alive right down to those who barely have a roof over their heads – all in all, budget friendly ways to care for a pet have been invented, and thanks to the modern era, these have only been refined. Online shops like Time for paws are a great example of this – everything you could need for your pet in one place, with affordable prices you can easily compare before buying.

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Budgeting issues ensure that a pet helps you to spend more responsibly. You’ve got a little animal to take care of now, and that means you might cut back on unnecessary expenses, and have a bit more in your savings account. You’ll feel a lot more secure in life knowing you have a safety net to work with, and all thanks to your pet; doesn’t that sound like the dream?

You’ll Find Yourself Moving a Lot More

Pets can help you to lead more active lifestyles, and for people who work a desk job, or are standing behind a counter all day long, this is great news for your brain and body. It ensures you’re getting up and moving around, stretching your legs and pumping blood back into your muscles, and that’s essential to stay supple and feeling young. Your body was made to move, not to stay in one place for 8 or more hours per day, and a pet can really introduce that concept to you.

Of course, playing with a pet, and taking them for walks, is going to ensure you’re getting some daily exercise. But even if you’re just chasing down your puppy to find out what it’s got in its mouth, it means you’re going to be on your feet and moving at pace. If you’ve been staring at a computer screen for the past 2 or 3 hours, this could be the break both your body and brain have been craving!

You’ll Work on Your Communication Skills

Pets need to know that you’re the boss. They need to know that you’re in charge, and what you say goes. But at the same time, you need to get down to their level as well, and be able to understand them and their needs. No pet is inherently bad, or misbehaves on purpose after all – it’s simply a manner of communication, and that’s something you’ll need to work on if you’re going to own a pet.

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Communication is what life’s all about – if you can talk to those around you, you’re going to feel a lot more sociable, and make friends a lot easier, and be remembered when making plans for days or nights out. If you can communicate, you won’t be bottling anything up, and you’ll be able to avoid conflict as much as possible.

And these kinds of communication skills start with your pet; you’ll learn to speak up for yourself, you’ll learn to set boundaries, and you’ll learn what the right tone is for a situation. Of course, a pet can’t teach you everything there is to know about being charismatic and open towards people, but they’re certainly a good place to start!

How do you feel about owning a pet? Do you think one could make your home a happier place? Or maybe you’re seeing the effects described above unfold in real time, because you brought home a little bundle of fluffy joy a few months ago? Either way, if you’re feeling down and out about life, it might be time to get a pet.

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