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Appealing Marketing Trends That Won’t Let Your Business Down

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Appealing Marketing Trends That Won’t Let Your Business Down Staff
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We’re living inside a digital bubble that no business sector can escape. 90% of the world’s data came into existence in the past few years. In 2019, there were 26.66 billion IoT devices connected to the internet. That’s why we need to recognize the evolving landscape of digital marketing in 2020. We also need to admit that factors influencing the international business community are always changing. Companies have more opportunity to learn what their customers need them to produce.

Let’s discuss some significant marketing trends of 2020.

What do we call a “marketing trend?”

It’s November again, the time of the year when business people finalize their vacation advertisement campaigns. The modern world is changing rapidly and creating newer challenges for marketers to beat. Only those survive who possess the ability to adapt and adjust. Business experts can inform you how you can pivot your trade to align with the ever-evolving market fashion.

Significant marketing trends of 2020

Here’s a quick breakdown of business trends everyone’s crazy about this year:

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1. A recognizable business logo

Humans process images a thousand times faster than words. Your business logo should be an essential element of your marketing campaign. It doesn’t only promote your brand but also contributes to uplifting your company’s image. It ensures customers that your company consists of professionals. You can get t-shirts, cups, or even a custom printed umbrella with your unique logo design. These logo-emblazoned accessories are perfect for any sports team, educational institute, or business expo. In 2020, companies are trying the latest trends to design their logos. These include 3D, imperfect, cartoonish, overlapping, and animated design trends.

2. Shoppable Facebook posts

Different surveys have found that more than 70% of Instagram and Pinterest users do make purchasing decisions. Marketers can use social media posts as “buying buttons.” Customers may click on a shoppable post to directly purchase the item it advertises. Social media platforms are also contributing to their popularity among the masses. Services such as Instagram Checkout allow customers to view/buy an item without even leaving the app.

3. Conversational marketing takes over

Engaging customers in real-time is more effective than responding to their queries later. Customer support is moving in the direction of artificial intelligence. The new trend will take over the old-fashioned custom of a one-to-many approach to marketing. Experts believe that now 80% of customers prefer companies to reply to them immediately. Chatbots and live chat support let companies get instant feedback from customers. Marketing material is also becoming more natural and conversational. This conversational tone is affecting companies’ content marketing strategies.

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4. Personalization creates connections

A personalized shopping experience convinces more consumers to sync with their data. Experts have found that 90% of customers respond positively when companies offer them relevant products. Companies are now focusing on molding their offers to meet each customer’s unique personality. Therefore, ads, emails, and content are all becoming more personalized. The trend nowadays is to create a meaningful and “interpersonal” connection with potential customers.

5. Data-driven storytelling

Forbes believes big data can help marketers understand trends better and create relevant content. Social media has introduced the concept of ephemeral (short-lived) content. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp stories consider that a layman’s attention span is 8 seconds long. It was 12 seconds some twenty years ago. That’s why 65% of brands go for short stories as pieces of advertisements. Storytelling has become one of the most dominant trends of 2020. Interconnected visual narratives positively contribute to brand awareness and lead generation.

6. Transparency and information protection

Security concerns persuade more than 60% of customers to change a brand. Companies now need to provide better information security if they wish to retain their consumers. Transparency should be an essential feature of your marketing campaign. Invest in publicly-produced reviews, testimonials, and case studies. Don’t make pricing too complicated. It confuses or sometimes intimidates potential consumers. Be honest; that’s an everlasting business trend.

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7. Produce interactive content

Companies have now adopted the style of producing engaging content. They don’t rely solely on dull text-based messaging anymore. Polls, quizzes, surveys, and live-streams attract more customers via engaging and entertaining content. Brands also incorporate virtual and augmented reality into their marketing strategies. It shows how companies are evolving to meet consumers’ interests. Experts have revealed that 90% of people prefer to watch such absorbing material. Interactive content helps people spend more time on your page/website and is immensely shareable. You can put clickable CTAs to make your emails more interactive too.

8. Pay attention to the young

Focus on millennials and generation Z while compiling your advertisement strategies. The younger people care about privacy, diversity, and inclusivity when they make a purchase decision. They can’t be persuaded by trends that worked with baby boomers. They get easily influenced by what their friends and family tell them. This generation is also fonder of mobile devices. These devices now represent more than 50% of web traffic. It’s time to optimize your campaigns for smartphones.


The world is passing through a unique technological phase. Whereas the rich are paying to avoid tech, the poor are becoming more tech-friendly. The marketing realm is desperately trying to adjust to the demands of the younger generation. Multiple trends have given birth to numerous new marketing strategies in the corporate world. Companies are using science and technology to discover subtle and humane ways to connect with potential buyers. Techniques such as text marketing and voice search will dominate the marketing of this decade. With these trends in their marketing strategies, companies can enhance their advertisement campaigns’ productivity.

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