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How To Save Money On Your Packaging Supplies

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Packaging is an essential part of any business but it can cost a lot more if you’re not careful. While you might think that you don’t really have to put so much thought into your packaging, it actually pays to have a well-thought of and well-designed package. It’s like the icing on top of the cake, which can help to make your products look more presentable. In many instances, great packaging can even be a very good marketing strategy.

Do you know how to save money on your packaging for your business? There are a number of ways to reduce the costs of packaging and this article will discuss some of the most cost-effective options.

1. Stay Away From Excessive Packaging

Great packaging is always nice to have, as it can help make your products look more appealing. But if you aren’t careful enough, you may be hoarding on excessive packaging that you don’t necessarily need. This is especially true when you’re running an online business, where you have to spend more to ship your products to your customers.

For instance, how much tissue paper or Japanese paper do you actually need to put on top of the paper bag for every item purchased? Or, you could be using too much tape, stapler, and even stickers.

Take a quick inventory of how much you spend on packaging for every item sold. Especially if the thing is small and not really that costly, you may even be using too much packaging.

If this is the case, meet with your product development team and see if there’s any area where you can drop certain packing things, without necessarily sacrificing the style you’re after.

2. Purchase From A Reputable Supplier

If you take the time to browse through different suppliers, you’ll be able to find really good deals and prices for almost anything and everything you’ll be looking for your packaging. The key is for you to really research it thoroughly and well. Don’t immediately take in the services of the very first supplier you’ll find.

Compare the price and available options from at least three suppliers. Don’t just check the selling price per se. Take the time to email them or meet with them, so each supplier can present you with a formal quotation. This should include everything from the discounts they’re willing to give, and even the shipping fee.

That way, you have a more precise estimate as to which supplier can give you the most savings for your packaging. You may check out sites like to get a good grasp of supplier options.

3. Purchase In Bulk

A lot of packaging material costs money because it has to be made from expensive raw materials. In many cases this means that the product must be manufactured using high-quality chemicals so as to come up with good quality packaging materials as well. Unfortunately, when we choose to purchase high quality materials, it means that they have to be produced in large quantities, so they can be sold at a premium price.

Hence, a good way for you to save on your packaging supplies is for you to purchase in bulk. Once you’ve figured out what you need and how you’re going to pack your store’s sold items, make that big order of packaging supplies. You’ll be able to save more, as suppliers give better rates and discounts for bulk orders, or wholesale purchases.

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4. Consider The Main Reason For Your Packaging

Yes, your product’s packaging can also be used to make your products look so much better and more presentable. But, this isn’t the only reason for your packaging. The primary reason is to protect your products.

Hence, as you go through the different options of packaging you can have, remember that basic purpose. That way, you can start by choosing the packaging type that’ll first protect your product. Once this is met, you don’t have to make the mistake of having excess packaging supplies that don’t really meet that purpose.

For instance, yes that added touch of dried flowers may be nice. But, if it increases your product price tremendously and isn’t really worth the purpose of aesthetics, then you can just ditch it.

5. Buy The Exact Size You Need

Buying in bulk can be tricky, too, simply because you have to be very precise. This means buying only the exact size you need for every possible purchase. This is why you have to think through this process very thoroughly with your entire team. You have to figure out your small, medium, large, and extra-large or bulky packaging for people that make numerous purchases.

You can save so much if you order only what you need for the packaging of all your products. Otherwise, if you use the wrong size, it can lead to the following:

  • Buying even more materials alongside the packaging;
  • Costs more per unit;
  • Costs more for custom printing;
  • Costs more for shipping of all your ordered packaging supplies.


Remember the bigger picture that in the long run, your product’s packaging might be something that’ll end up in the dumpsters anyway. Saving money is always good, especially on items you know might only get thrown away. Good packaging is always nice to have, but it’s not worth spending fortunes in it. The tips above can give you that perfect balance between having a nice-looking packaging, without breaking the bank.

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