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Creating The Perfect Environment To Work From Home

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Creating The Perfect Environment To Work From Home Staff
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Under recent government guidelines that have been put in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a major shift in the trend of working from home. Indeed, what was once a minor trend with a little traction is now slowly becoming the standard, with even those who are still working from the office now taking more days to work from home.

But are we as productive in our home offices as we are while working in the office environment with our colleagues? Here are some of the best ways you can tailor your home working environment to increase productivity without losing that special comfort that only comes with working from home.

The Setup

Working from home can seem to some like little more than sitting at the kitchen table with a laptop. And if you’re only going to be working from home temporarily that’s perfectly adequate. However, there are ways you can upgrade your setup at home so it feels more like the office, which is going to be very important if this is a more permanent change. Make sure you check out office furniture in order to arrange your home office in the best way in order to improve your comfort and productivity while working from home.

Investing in a second monitor is a great way to increase productivity. Access to two screens helps you to move more effectively through work and reduces time shuffling through windows and tabs.

Also, ensure you monitor is at a relatively comfortable height. You may end up leaning forward over a desk with a low monitor and that will play havoc with your posture and overall comfort.

The Design

Some of us may have the advantage of having a pre-existing office space at home to work from, however, for many more, we’ll be finding ourselves working out of a hastily converted spare bedroom. This is rarely ideal as it can lead to unorganised files, hard to find documents and general messiness which won’t allow you to reach your maximum efficiency.

If you’re going to be spending more time in your home office in the future, then completely redesigning your office with a fitted home office makes perfect sense. These perfectly tailored designs provide all the necessities of an office, with plenty of storage space, an efficient working station and more.


An important factor to working productivity is the temperature of the room. If you have ever tried working in an environment that is too warm, you will likely find yourself to be uncomfortable and unable to focus on the task at hand. Similarly, a working environment that is too cold will distract your focus and energy from your work. As the cold winter is now upon us, it is important to have boiler cover to ensure your heating system is working efficiently for the full working from home period.

The Lighting

Lighting can have a transformative effect on your alertness and your general mood. If your office space is dimly lit, this can lead to mental fatigue and general tiredness. If access to natural light is possible, try and make the most of it and get it into your working space.

However, if that’s not possible (understandably, given the time of year) then try to mimic the effect of the sun with table lamps and overhead lighting. Brightening up your working space to improve the quality of your mindset will always reflect in a benefit to your work.

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