How To Create The Perfect Office Space At Home

How To Create The Perfect Office Space At Home


How do you incorporate a working space at home without compromising your needs and comfort? Check out these practical tips on designing your own home office.

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Remote work is becoming the norm, and many companies now offer full-time positions with a hybrid or work-from-home setup. So, it’s not surprising to see many professionals becoming more inspired and curious about creating a cozy spot where they can muscle up and focus on getting work done.

But where do you start? How do you incorporate a working space at home without compromising your or your family’s needs and comfort? Check out these practical tips on designing your own home office.

Select A Quiet Spot With The Least Foot Traffic

It can be challenging to concentrate on work when you’re at home surrounded by distractions. While some can work without issues on the couch or kitchen table, it’s highly recommended to have a dedicated room or corner where you can put a desk and chair to sit down and work on your laptop undisturbed. Likewise, choose a quiet and least frequented location with a stable Wi-Fi connection if you have regularly scheduled video calls and meetings.

Do Not Work In Bed

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If you can, don’t set up your workspace inside your bedroom because it has many side effects, including negatively impacting your sleep quality and increased risk of insomnia and other sleep problems. Your brain and body may have difficulty slowing down and sense that it’s time to rest when you’re surrounded by electronic devices or see work-related stuff.

Nevertheless, if you live in a studio and have to make do with the limited space, it’s best to position your table facing a window with your back against your bed and set up a partition, like a bookshelf, to create a visual divide between the two functions. It can also boost productivity and help you fight the urge to crawl into your cozy bed when you should be working.

Follow A Minimalist Style

The stress of a disorganized home can be overwhelming for remote workers. So stick to the essentials and stop yourself from putting too much stuff inside your home office or work desk, which can only lead to distractions. Paint your walls with clean and calming colors, which can create an inspiring ambiance you’d love to work in. Keeping your home office sleek and simple means it’s quicker and easier to clean and maintain.

Invest In Ergonomic Furniture And High-Quality Gear

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If you will be spending a considerable chunk of your time working at home, it makes sense to invest in reliable pieces that will serve you for a long time. These include:

Ergonomic Chair

Sitting for long hours can take a toll on your posture. Don’t wait until you experience lower back pains before getting a comfortable chair. In an article by Marie Claire, chartered physiotherapist at Allied Health Professionals Suffolk, Isabelle Bryson explained that people who from home without an adequate office setup usually have higher risks of having posture and spine problems.  An ergonomic chair is a must if you’re going to be sitting for long periods of time.

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Standing Desk

Desk jobs can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, which studies strongly link to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. If you want to break the mold, get a standing desk that can encourage you to get up from sitting and move your body every now and then.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Whether for online work team and client meetings or you want to zone out while working, you’ll get the best ROI from noise-canceling headphones or earphones.

Get A Reliable Internet Provider And Mobile Data For Backup

Working from home is possible, thanks to Internet technology. Connectivity is your bread and butter, so you must get the most competitive Internet plan with maximum upload and download speed. Also, make sure you have a backup Internet, like your phone’s mobile data, in case of unexpected mishaps, and you’ve got to meet a deadline or be at an important work meeting.

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