8 Sleeping Hacks For Students To Get More Effective Rest In Less Time


Sleeping is a big part of our life, in fact, most people sleep one-third of their life – which is very much if you think about it. Therefore, a student on a 3 year course could spend a whole year asleep – not the best-case scenario for students who barely find time to eat! In this article we look at 8 ways to hack your sleep so you wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.

8 Sleeping Hacks For Students To Get More Effective Rest In Less Time
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Sleeping is a big part of our life, in fact, most people sleep one-third of their life – which is very much if you think about it. Therefore, a student on a 3 year course could spend a whole year asleep – not the best-case scenario for students who barely find time to eat!

Of course, many students put up with sleepless nights but this is not the solution as this leads directly to sleep deprivation which is very, very bad for their health. The solution would be of course be better organization and discipline, but also getting a more effective rest in less time.

Why does this matter? Well, have you ever felt deeply unrested after 9 hours of sleep? If you did, then you have the answer. The sleep quality matters a lot, in fact, is all that matters.

Therefore, in this article, we’re presenting our top 8 sleeping hacks for students to get more effective rest in less time.

The 90-Minutes Rule

The 90-minutes rule is not particularly a hack, but this piece of knowledge can drastically change your sleep quality in a short time.

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The 90-minutes rule is a scientific-based rule. You see, when we fall asleep we enter in different stages which compose a cycle that lasts 90 minutes. After every 90 minutes cycle, you can wake up easily and extremely fresh. Therefore, the hack is to count your sleeping time in 90 minutes intervals to figure out at what hour you have to fall asleep to wake up rested.

Editor’s Note: Check out the Sleep Cycle App – I’ve used it and it does seem to help me wake up more refreshed!

No Screens Before Sleep

Better rest means a qualitative sleep, which means falling asleep fast – or faster in the beginning. The one thing that influences our capacity to fall asleep the most is the screen light/blue light because is suppressing the production of melatonin.

Therefore, if you’re looking at any type of screen (TV, laptop, phone) right before you go to sleep, it will take you quite a while to fall asleep. The hack is to make a rule: no screens at least one hour before I go to sleep.

If you really have to do something important and urgent, then you should at least try to replace the blue light with a warmer one as the app f.lux does.

Naps and Coffee

Sleep should be seen as at the part of the day when our body rests, so it doesn’t really matter if you sleep more times a day. Some people don’t “sleep” at all they only take naps, but that’s not the point here.

The point is that naps are really good, especially between 1 and 3 pm. During those hours your energy is the lowest and a 90 minutes sleeping cycle would be all the rest you need to face the rest of your tasks for the day.

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Drinking coffee right after you wake up from a nap is all you need for an instant boost of energy and complete avoidance of a sleepy mood.

Lavender Helps You Drift Off

Lavender is well known for several health benefits and as well for a great oil for relaxation. Lavender is also used to relieve stress and that’s exactly what a student needs when he’s already got too much on his plate.

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List Your Problems and Their Solutions Before You Sleep

Sometimes we can’t fall asleep because we have too much on our minds, but we can also have nightmares about those things or we simply can’t rest properly. Therefore, if you have many problems and their solutions are pressuring you, just take your time and list all your problems and try to find realistic solutions for them.

Doing so will take the stress off your shoulders and allow you to fall asleep and to have a restful sleep.

Wear Warm Socks if You’re Too Cold or Sick

We all experience cold feet even in the summer sometimes but especially when we’re sick and during the cold seasons. Cold feet make falling asleep a hard and lasting process. Therefore, wear a pair of warm sock when you go to sleep and if your feet are frozen warm them first with warm water and then put the socks on.

Find out How Many Hours of Sleep Your Body Needs

Some people need more hours of sleep per night and some less and we all need to know how many hours of sleep we need to rest properly. Otherwise, we’ll most probably sleep too much or too little, meaning that it will be impossible to have a restful sleep.

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Therefore, take your time and try different sleeping schedules and find out how many hours of sleep your body needs.

Try to Separate Your Bedroom from Study Room

If you have the same room for stressful activities like studying, projects, and learning for exams and for sleeping it’s much harder to rest well. The room you sleep in should be only linked to good, relaxing, and comforting moods and if you have stressful activities in that room you’ll logically link the room with a stressful, unpleasant mood.


These hacks might seem that will help you only to rest better and not exactly to sleep less and better. But look at this matter from this perspective: if you succeed to find your perfect recipe for a restful sleep, this already means that 6 hours of sleep will feel as resting as 9 hours used to.

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