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5 Tips For Improving Productivity In The Workplace

5 Tips For Improving Productivity In The Workplace

5 Tips For Improving Productivity In The Workplace Staff
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The importance of employee productivity in the workplace has been highlighted many times before.

Employee productivity directly contributes to the overall success of your organisation and should be taken seriously. While most organisations understand the importance and necessity of monitoring and managing productivity, others are either not aware or willing to invest the time and money into improving it.

Making little changes to habits can create massive improvements to morale and engagement with the company and most importantly employee productivity. This way employees can do more quality work in a shorter period as well as reduce the amount of time spent on unnecessary tasks.

We’ve put this piece together to present employers with easily implementable tips to improving productivity and getting the most out of your employees.

Provide employees with the right tools

A regular complaint from workers is that they’re not provided with the right tools to do their job effectively. The tools that you play a huge role in your business performance. Be sure to provide the corrects equipment, software, training or resources needed to complete tasks in an effective manner.

Consider introducing time tracking apps. This is not just for you to monitor work completed (or outstanding) but also for them to see how they’ve spent their time.

Company culture

Introduce a screening process for potential employees when recruiting. This allows you to see how well they’d fit into the company before they join. Not only does this help with engagement, it also reduces your employee turnover rate.

You should also promote a healthy culture around the office to reduce time off due to sick leave and presenteeism. There are various ways an employer can encourage healthy living, free fruit Fridays, charity sporting events, discount gym memberships etc. This can all help to improve cognitive functions such as concentration and problem solving.

Office spaces

The spaces where your employee work also plays a role in their productivity (or lack thereof). Your office space should be one that encourages conversation and team work while also being comfortable. Employees spend an average of 40 hours a week in the office so it should be fun to be in as much as it should be functional.

Employee recognition

When staff members have done a good job, they’d like to know that you recognise and appreciate it. In most cases, employees’ contribution to the success of a business is overlooked which can be quite disheartening. Recognising them is an easy and cost effective way of boosting performance and productivity in the workplace. Celebrate achievements


Giving and receiving regular feedback allows for change and improvement on both sides. Employer surveys allow you to see what you’re doing right and what you’re not. Finding areas to improve in and actually making improvements based on suggestions makes your employees feel like their opinion matters. Employee engagement surveys allows you to understand how your staff feel at work.

Employees appreciate that they’re able to voice their opinions and you get the opportunity to find out how they’re feeling. Remember to ask for suggestions of areas that could be improved upon. On an individual basis, offer regular, meaningful and constructive feedback on job performance. Feedback should be given in a manner that encourages employees, either positive or negative it should be done thoughtfully.

Improving productivity saves your business time and money, it should not be taken for granted.

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