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8 Creative Ways To Reward Your Customers’ Loyalty

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8 Creative Ways To Reward Your Customers’ Loyalty Staff
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Customers make a business, and their loyalty to your products and services is invaluable. After all, without the time and money invested by your consumers, where would you be? It’s important to reward your customers’ loyalty and show your appreciation for their commitment and dedication! Explore these 8 creative ways to reward your customers’ loyalty, and secure the future of your business.

Make A Vibrant Community For The Customer

Creating a community for the enjoyment (and ongoing engagement) of your customer is a vital reward for their continued loyalty!

Whether this community can be found on a forum linked to your company, a blog or even a Facebook page; find a format that works for you, your business and your customers. Exclusive content, promotional videos and educational articles can be posted here for your loyal customers to discuss.

Offer Your Customers A Badge Of Honour

A physical symbol of your customers’ loyalty goes a long way! Of course, your customers don’t have to undertake difficult challenges or become a Scout but offering them a badge (or something thereabouts) that signifies their membership to an exclusive company club or special group can be meaningful and effective.

Good Customer Experience

Reward your customers with one fundamental: a brilliant customer experience. Whether that’s making your most loyal customers feel special with a smile or offering them a loyalty card, pleasant customer service can go far in securing customer loyalty and retention.

Keep The Possibility Of Discounts Open

The allure of special discounts is a strong one. Keep your loyal customers guessing as to which discounts are on when, and how much they’ll get off their final purchase! Unadvertised discounts and sales will bring keen customers back in store, time and time again.

Follow Up

When a transaction concludes, a company’s role shouldn’t stop there. Follow up after a customer purchase, and make sure they want to recommend your product in future. Ask them to rate their experience or the quality of the product. This is good marketing data, and opens up potential for customers returning.

Be Personal

Although similar to following up and offering a good customer experience, there’s a slight difference when it comes to forming a personal rapport with your clients. Listen to their wants, needs and hobbies. If a client mentions liking a certain recipe, why not share your own experiences – if applicable – on home cooking? This creates connection, and a positive memory of your business in the minds of clientele.

First Access To Products

If you want loyal customers to really feel special – and, like your company is worth shopping at! – give them first and exclusive access to new products before they’re widely distributed. This garners buzz for your new product and engages your customer.

Deliver On Your Promises

Most of all, if you want to create and retain loyal customers, deliver on your promises. Reward a consumer by being honest! If you over-exaggerate your product, not only is this false advertising, it depicts your business as untrustworthy; one that doesn’t value potential clients. Set realistic expectations, and always be ready to advise your loyal customers when necessary.

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