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Effective Strategies To Grow Your Law Firm

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Effective Strategies To Grow Your Law Firm Staff
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The legal industry has slowly yet steadily experienced a major shift in its business development. This interesting transformation started due to the wide, direct access clients have to lawyers worldwide.

In a bid for law firms to keep up with the changing world, several legal professionals have learned to pick up new strategies that enable them to develop as individuals and as a firm.

The benefit about using these tactics is that it enables firms to establish themselves both online and offline. With that said, here are some effective ways to grow and scale your law firm.

Marketing And Branding

The major key to growth for all businesses, legal firms included, is an increase in clientele. To help facilitate steady growth, you will need to develop your marketing and branding channels.

When it comes to branding, you need to develop a clear identity for your firm, to make marketing successful. Branding involves selecting tangible elements such as company logos, colours and more.

Illustration of constructiong the word branding

Branding Doesn’t Matter For Your Startup, Until It Does: How To Develop Your Brand As Your Startup Scales

Treating branding as an afterthought, rather than a foundation, costs your startup opportunities at the start and can lead to significant costs and time in the future. While there’s no one blueprint for a successful launch, you can keep your product aligned with your

These elements need to be consistent at all times. In addition to colours, you will also need to design a legal website, enabling clients to connect easily with your company. Employ only the best to help with your website, and ensure they make the website easy to navigate for potential users.

Marketing can be done in several ways, but you must find one that fits your firm. Some firms prefer to go the old-school route, offering something of value on your website in return for a user’s email address, sharing flyers and receiving clients based on word-of-mouth referrals. Your firm might choose to make use of technology, which is an equally rewarding system.

Be More Client-Focused

Gone are the days when being practice-focused brought you many clients worldwide. Today, the major focus of your firm and business, in general, must be on your client; otherwise, you will lose out.

Switch from a practice-based to a client-focused firm, and you’ll reap the benefits. This approach has been implemented by several forward-looking lawyers in the past and has provided them with immense success. What does it mean to be client-focused?

Client-focus means that, at the centre of your thinking and decision-making for the firm, you put your clients first; their wants, needs and demands. You put yourself in your client’s shoes and think about every process they must go through when they contact your firm to see how accessible you are as a company.

In doing this, you might encounter certain setbacks and difficulties your clients are prone to face, and you work to reduce or eliminate them in totality to deliver a good client experience that benefits both your firm and the client.

Learn To Delegate

Your law firm might give clients the best service online and offline, and you, as a boss, might possess an excessively strong work ethic that is admirable by all standards. The truth, however, is that if you’re responsible for everything within your firm, your growth will most likely suffer.

Being a jack of all trades isn’t in your firm’s best interest; thus, the need to learn how to delegate. This skill is essential because you might be too busy with other aspects of your firm to focus on those who matter the most; existing and potential clients.

You might also be too busy to venture into marketing for your business, which leaves your company in the shadows. It’s vital to take a look at all your various tasks, and categorise them. Which ones do you need to do, and which tasks can be done by others? Free up your time by giving these tasks to your team members to reduce your workload and make you more available for the work that matters.

Many Hands Make Light Work, Even In Business!

Many Hands Make Light Work, Even In Business!

When you're running a business, it can be all to easy to try and do everything yourself. This will lead to things falling though the cracks and can even cause burnout. It's important to learn to hand things over to others and in this

Use Technology

Technology is a great way for companies to delegate without employing more people. Thanks to the evolution of technology, you’re at liberty to streamline and even automate some of your repetitive tasks within the company.

A typical example of this includes software and apps like Clio Payments, which enables companies to make bills as paid, record all their crest card payments and modify their account balances.

A virtual receptionist can answer your client’s calls to ensure nothing gets missed, and so on. The main aim of technology and automation is to strengthen your work system and, possibly, smooth out your workflow to ensure the business is always running efficiently. The result? You can cut down on time wasters and also enjoy seamless business processes.


As a lawyer, several people from all corners of the globe are more than willing to offer payment for your knowledge, ideas and experiences. Most of these people willing to invest in you are already in your network, but you still need to make face-to-face connections to obtain their investment.

While digital marketing and communication are effective and easy, there’s something physical presence adds to a networking connection that the digital space lacks. It’s best to pair your digital marketing strategies with face-to-face encounters; get out there, network and grow your practice the old-fashioned albeit successful way.

Hire Effectively

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Growing and scaling your law firm can be an uphill battle without the right people to push or walk beside you along the journey. The people beside you are your team members, and you must be mindful of who you add to this group. Every law firm is centred around the staff and the people.

The people come together to ensure your vision and the end goals are met. The trick is to hire more people at the right time. And what’s the right time? Whenever the firm gains new clients. Don’t wait until you have an overload of clients before you start searching.

What this does is it makes you desperate for help and clouds your judgement when choosing candidates. You end up adding team members who might not have the requisite skills, or you might not even have the time to hold those interviews to choose new members.

If You Can’t Hire, Outsource

An alternative to hiring new people is outsourcing, which might be less stressful and effort-consuming.

Outsourcing is a great way to grow your business and also delegate tasks that need to be done. You can outsource tasks like scanning, document reviews, non-substantive court appearances, and many more to experts such as qualified freelance lawyers, experts, and other professionals.

The main reason for outsourcing is to enable your team members to focus on priority work and reduce your firm’s workload. You can outsource via freelance websites, recommendations from staff members, and by running a quick check through your network.

Build A Strong Cultur

You can have the right people, but they’re bound to under-deliver with a toxic culture and environment. To ensure your law firm grows to be all it’s meant to be, you’ll have to develop a strong work culture with people you trust.

Wrapping Up

The road to success is demanding, as it comes with a lot of work. From growing and scaling your law firm to getting more clients, you’ll constantly need to work on creating and using strategies and changing your mindset frequently to accommodate your vision.

The good news is that being consistent will always reap great rewards for your firm and business as a whole. To grow your law firm, you must create a system and strategy that enables you to nurture client relationships and prioritise work that matters.

Never forget that technology might be of immense help when you struggle with what you struggle with. Keep reading and networking and watch your company scale beyond recognition.

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