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5 Ways To Fight Back Negative Thoughts During The Pandemic

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5 Ways To Fight Back Negative Thoughts During The Pandemic

A notification on your phone, a breaking news telecast, an e-paper headline, everything states nothing but the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the world and how the pandemic is causing destruction and taking lives. No matter how positive our attitude is, it’s hard to calm our nerves during the time of the pandemic.

According to the recent reports, coronavirus pandemic has not only affected people physically but it has also brought a wave of increasing anxiety and depression. Either people are losing their jobs or those who have jobs are finding it hard to maintain a balance between their personal and professional life. Even if you are not going through any of the above, the negativity around the world brings anxiety. We will try to detoxify your mind and send good vibes to you with this read.

Here are the 5 ways to fight back negative thoughts during the pandemic.

Take a Digital Detox

You must have heard of detoxifying your body and might be wondering what a digital detox is? As detoxification works for your body, digital detoxification works in favor of your mind.

We know it’s hard to break up with your cell phone even for an hour. But as we mentioned, the gloom and doom news notifications can mess with your mind big time. Hence, we recommend finding time in the day when you are away from all the digital content. Relax, sleep, or meditate at that time.

This one hour of digital detox might feel hard to manage initially but will boost your productivity once you get used to it. Digital consumption has increased incredibly in the pandemic. All you have to do is to break this chain and relax your mind.

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Work out at Home

You might not be used to working out at home but it’s not that hard to manage. There are several exercises that you can practice at home. You can use your house stairs to work out. Take 10 rounds up and down and that’s all.

If you love dancing then turn on high-intensity music and go for it. Yoga is one of the best ways to relax your mind, body, and soul. We bet that a 30-minute workout session will rejuvenate your mind and body.

To push yourself to work out, you can watch a workout video, play some music or just add workout hour in your schedule. It will not only bring energy to your body but also will bring positivity to your mind. Don’t believe us? Try it once and you will thank us later.

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A person sitting on a bench meditating

Make someone smile

We are privileged to have a roof above our heads. Not many share the same privilege. Let’s be kind to them and try to bring a smile on the faces that are hit hard by the pandemic.

We are at home and trying different dishes out but some underprivileged people are not getting enough food since lockdown. So the smallest favor you can do for them is to offer food. This will not cost you much but it will make their day.

Smiling Kids

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The satisfaction of being able to make someone smile will enlighten your life. We often make efforts to make our loved ones smile. Let us make the simplest of efforts to make the needy smile. A smile is radiant, and their smile will radiate your life with positivity.

A child smiling at the camera

Do what you love

Remember the time when you used to crib about not being able to find time to follow your passion? So, why not take this lockdown as an opportunity to do what you love? Whenever you feel like all your motivation to work is dying out, all you need to do is to switch to your favorite hobby. Sing a song, dance to your favorite song, listen to music, pen down your feelings, or cook your favorite dish.

There are hundreds of things that we like in our life but never get “time” to do them. Right? So, don’t think much and just switch to your hobby and nothing can stop you from feeling positive again.

Read “Feel Good” content

Enough of reading the articles which disturb your mental state with all the news of deaths and bloodshed! Switch to reading some feel-good articles. Now it is subjective what makes you feel good. It could be a comic or it could be a self-help read.


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Like there is “Feel good music,” there are tons of articles online that can make you feel good. If not online, you can read articles in magazines or read some positive books. When you read something positive, you automatically attract positive vibes. As they say, the universe serves you with what you attract!

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So, here you go! We don’t know how long the pandemic will take to come to an end. But we know the ways to stay positive and motivated amid the wave of negativity around the world. The world is in this situation together and together we have to fight back the negativity. All it requires is courage and determination to save you from the trap of anxious thoughts. Build a safety net of positive energy around you and no negative news can mess with your mind. Stay safe! Stay at home.

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