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5 Ways In Which An Efficient Space Can Impact Productivity At Work

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5 Ways In Which An Efficient Space Can Impact Productivity At Work Staff
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Never underestimate the importance of the space in which you work! If you think you can get your tasks done to the same standard and with the same efficiency in any setting, in any location, think again. Sure, you might be able to tick boxes, but are you really performing at your absolute best?

Here are five ways an efficient space can make a difference to how much you get done at work:

Relaxation Enables Organisation

The place where you take a break is just as important as the space you work in. When you have a relaxing environment (without the house chores), it allows you to properly reduce your stress levels so that the projects you have to complete by the end of the day become achievable.

602,000 of UK workers suffer from work-related stress, depression or anxiety, and effectively combating this in the office means employees will actually be excited to come into work.

Clean And Tidy Wins The Race

Always ensure your office space is clean and tidy, as this will help to boost employee morale and improve performances. Treat your work environment with the same care and consideration you’d give your home. Serviced offices such as those of BE Offices come with daily day and night time cleaning services, so that your organisation won’t have to worry about it.

Give someone else the responsibility of cleaning so that you and your employees can focus on the real job.

Collaboration Leads To Imagination

Having designated, presentable and practical spaces to get together with your colleagues to brainstorm new ideas will help to reignite your passion for work on those days when you might otherwise be at risk of feeling a little deflated.

Communication is quicker and easier to understand when everyone is in one room, rather than having to converse across software platforms. With a boardroom or meeting space, you’ll keep better track of what you’re all doing.

Private Space Pushes Productivity

As important as shared space is, having a desk to go back to where you can shut yourself off from the outside world is equally important. Such a space will enable you to think and reflect on the tasks at hand with no distractions – which in turn, will help to ensure a more fruitful day.

With 81% of workers spending between four and nine hours a day at their desks, having a comfortable and quiet place for staff to concentrate allows them to complete their assignments efficiently.

Fast Access Means Fast Progress

Access to fast Internet connections and functional, serviced office equipment means no more bashing the printer to force it to release a document you spent six hours writing, or constantly having to rejoin the Zoom call that your Internet keeps kicking you out of.

33% of UK consumers have suffered from bad Internet in 2020, with it being listed as one of the biggest issues at the office in previous years. The better the Internet is at your office, the less time you will need to spend trying to fix problems, which in turn, means more time working productively.

Whatever way you choose to create an efficient office space for you and your colleagues, it’s clear to see the benefits will almost certainly massively impact the overall productivity of your business and the happiness of your staff.

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