5 Sport Activities Which Are Perfect For Team Building

5 Sport Activities Which Are Perfect For Team Building


Team building is something both employers and employees tend to forget about. Calling someone an associate and coworker is much more than being polite and coexisting, becoming part of a team has a real benefit in terms of productivity and well-being within an organisation – and it’s not all trust falls and woodland retreats you know!

5 Sport Activities Which Are Perfect For Team Building
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Team building is something both employers and employees tend to forget about. Calling someone an associate and co-worker is much more than being polite and coexisting.

When your company or project faces challenges, you will have to count on these people to work with you on solving the problem. The resolution process will go much smoother if people trust one another. It’s only coincidental that trust directly stems from getting to know one another and having fun. Team building provides just that.

“Personally, I found our sports-related activities on weekends and after work a much-needed addition,” states Jackie Warren, working as a VP of editing services. “We started cracking jokes and feeling more free with one another. This almost annihilated any negativity in the office whatsoever.”

Team building has been through many phases along the years. Some companies and teams prefer partying and simple hangouts, but this is just a way to disregard one important property of team building.

That is the ability to combine both fun and useful characteristics. Because of this, sports are seen as the premier choice for team building.  So get some Custom Tees printed up for your team and check out this list of 5 sports that will help build morale, form bonds and help your employees have fun as well.

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1. Basketball

Whether you work in editing services or in accounting, you’ll surely find someone who loves a good afternoon challenge on the court. Chances are, lots of your coworkers have played basketball at some point in their lives.

If they were serious about it, basketball as a team building activity will make them happier and more fulfilled. They will be doing what they love, and it will be closely connected to work. Because they will feel happiness due to work-related team building, they will be more productive.

2. Marathons

Everyone loves challenges. Even your unfit employees want to be in shape, but things are holding them back. Organizing a team building event through marathon training is an excellent idea to involve everyone. You can meet at a track somewhere after work and on Saturdays. Everyone can run at their own tempo, and slowly but surely, they will be fit to run a full marathon.

Imagine running those elusive 25+ miles with your colleagues. You will have a lasting memory, and you will feel closer to them, knowing that you conquered a difficult challenge together. Therefore, it can be said that team building through marathon running is a great way to improve both mental and physical health – it’s also a great charity fundraiser too.

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3. Hiking

Unlike jogging and basketball, hiking has a bit of exclusivity to it. This is because you can’t hike just anywhere and a journey is required. It’s not just the hiking itself – travelling with your co-workers can be fun, and you will get to know them better. Plus, hiking can be a great way to get some rest from the hectic city lifestyle.

By travelling out to the countryside or wilderness, you will breathe fresh air. After talking to your co-workers, you can try out different hiking trails, for both novices and experienced hikers among you. Hiking isn’t just relaxation.

It’s a challenging physical activity that will benefit your joints, your lungs, and general stamina. After returning to your regular schedule, you will feel reinvigorated and ready for new challenges.

4. Golf

Although not as physically challenging like some other sports on our list, golf is more focused on fun and social bonding. It is indeed a difficult sport, requiring lots of practice and precision and of course it helps to have the best golf equipment and technology. If you learn to play golf, you can try something that’s both unusual and relaxing. Chances are you won’t get too tired and use the opportunity to spend some quality time with your co-workers.

Golf seemingly encompasses everything – sufficient exercise, nature, relaxation and quality time. One other reason why golf may be a good choice is that you can take as many breaks as you want. Also, while you’re walking from hole to hole, you will clock in a lot of miles without even noticing it! If you like to be competitive, make sure you try out some new tactics like using high quality golf grips to enhance your performance.

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5. Bowling

Bowling is another excellent team building solution. It doesn’t require too much effort, but it still involves physical activity and precision. It can be done indoors, so you won’t be prevented by any unpredicted weather circumstances. Amongst other reasons, bowling is excellent because it gives you a competitive edge.

Why not make Thursday night bowling a company tradition? You can invite new employees and help them feel at ease. Also, it’s a great way to tease your co-workers for missing that one pin. It’s all about fun and bonding with the people you spend eight or more hours a day with.


When thinking about team bonding, it’s ideal to find something usual, to begin with. Basketball and bowling are excellent ways to start. As the group grows more comfortable together, you can plan hiking trips and more. Just be sure to pay attention to safety and have fun more than anything.

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