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Women In Theatre: What To Celebrate

Women In Theatre: What To Celebrate

Women In Theatre: What To Celebrate Staff
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It’s safe to say that women have definitely come a long way when it comes to the equality in the theatre. However, there is still a lot of work to do. But, forgetting that, there’s a lot to celebrate and some stats to look at. There were 37 new shows premiering on Broadway in 2018-2019, let’s take a look at how that breaks down.

On Stage

To start with, we need to look at how women were represented on the stage. You can see the break down in the infographic below, but it seems that 32% of the characters were confirmed to be women, compared to a larger portion of men at 61%.

Off Stage

In comparison to the on-stage stats, it’s also handy to take a look at the figures for women off stage too. Directors seem to be around 13% women, whereas men are still leading the way at 87%. But there’s also writers to look at too. Once again, women are coming in at 13%, compared to men at 85%

So, it seems that both onstage and offstage men are still dominating. Now let’s consider the awards.


In total 4 musicals that were authored or written by women were won or nominated, which is a fantastic achievement. In terms of the awards for Best Play, 3 women have been nominated and two have won, as you can see below. However, it’s great to see that Audra Mcdonald has a record winning 6 Tony’s and has won in every performing category.

For more information on the stats, just take a look at the infographic below.

Infographic Design By Broadway Tickets

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