What Factors Should You Look For In An Online Institution?

What Factors Should You Look For In An Online Institution?


The Internet has become a vital resource for education. To pick a good and reputable online school, make sure they have these core attributes.

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These days, the Internet has become one of the most important resources for people. It aids in many factors of daily life, including education. If you’re interested in enrolling yourself or a family member into an online senior high school in the Philippines, make sure that the platform that you’re looking at has these essential factors.

DepEd accreditation

Unfortunately, there are scams online that sell fake diplomas to thousands of people. To make sure that you are getting a legitimate education, check for accreditation and certification from official resources in the country, like the Department of Education for both junior and senior high school (or the Commission on Higher Education for college and master degrees). The website of your online school of choice should have information on this, and it would be wise for you to search for official links from the platforms of DepEd and CHED as well.

A K-12 equivalent curriculum

The schedule of an online school is not restricted to the regular school year and allows more flexibility to students. However, it should still adhere to a curriculum that covers all crucial lessons and units that comply with the nation’s standards so that you don’t fall behind at any level. Reputable online institutions will have their curriculums available either for viewing online or by request. So you can see a complete outline of your educational path and the respective units and classes you will be taking.

Reliable payment schemes

Since online schools don’t exactly have a physical accounting or cashier area you can visit, payments are usually made via bank deposit or online transactions. Make sure that they have a secure payment portal that doesn’t put your money and other sensitive information at risk. There are plenty of secure payment gateways available in the country these days, so double-check for those because unsecured portals on mobile have led to up to 21% fraudulent transactions.

Reachable teachers

Online schooling doesn’t have to be completely impersonal, and it’s natural for students to want to have someone to be able to reach out to in case they have questions and clarifications that need to be made. Having a teacher readily available can also provide much-needed guidance for students, even if they are not in the traditional classroom setting.

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Check if the online school you’re looking at includes ways to reach out to actual teachers and if you’re still struggling to get the help you need, you might want to consider additional tuition and support from an organisation such as Jurong West Tuition Center.

Physical Education classes

Physical education is an important subject that can’t be dropped simply because the student is not in a traditional physical school with other classmates. It is still a crucial part of every individual’s development and can help them become more well-rounded and maintain their health while learning new things. Beyond its benefits, the Philippine Constitution also mandates that sports and activities should be included in every educational institution’s curriculum to promote physical skills in young learners. Check if your online school accommodates this via virtual means.

Picking the right school is a big decision. With these pointers, you can make sure that you are enrolling in an institution that can adequately equip you for life.

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