8 Useful Tips And Tricks For Effective Home Studying

8 Useful Tips And Tricks For Effective Home Studying


Current events have impacted over 1.2 billion students worldwide. Learn how you can build a home study nook and cultivate effective home learning habits.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everything about the modern world. According to experts, the shutdowns and restrictions imposed by the pandemic has affected over 1.25 billion learners worldwide. This accounts for approximately 73 percent of all students, from preschoolers to those in higher learning programs.

Educational institutions in every country are looking for different solutions to continue their students’ learning progress. The most common solution is to use distance learning methods for online education. These methods often involve students using video conferencing software or group communication programs to attend virtual classes. According to one report, as many as 97 percent of college students will be learning online.

If you’re a student, you may encounter issues getting used to this new educational format. Whether you’re digitally attending high school or continuing your postgraduate education online, you could use some help to make your home learning experience pleasant.

The following are tips to setting up a perfect study nook at home and some advice on how to build effective home study habits.

Creating a Study Nook

It’s important that you have a dedicated space for studying in your house. This space will help put you in a mindset conducive for learning. When you want to improve your current study nook or build a new one, keep these tips in mind.

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Get Comfortable Furniture

You need to be able to sit down in your study nook for hours at a time while you’re in an online lesson or doing your coursework. This means that comfortable furniture is a must for your learning space. Find a chair that cradles your body and is suited to your posture. Ergonomic office chairs are probably your best option because they’re designed for similar purposes. Avoid chairs without cushions or padding as these will be uncomfortable to sit on for long.

Don’t forget to assess your desk or work surface. Make sure your table or study desk is adjustable so you can configure it to suit your height.

Get a Window View

Staying indoors for hours at a time can get dull. You might want to look at something other than your computer screen. Or you could just want to rest your eyes. Situating your study nook near a window can help with all these issues and provide you with ample natural lighting. Sunlight also helps your body produce serotonin, a chemical in your brain that prevents you from feeling depressed.

Remove Distractions

You should be able to focus on your classes and do your schoolwork in peace. This means you should remove any and all sources of distraction from your study nook. Don’t situate your nook in a busy communal area like your living room or den. If your study nook has a television, you should either remove it or move to a different location. Noise pollution will also be a source of distraction. If you live near a busy street or similar thoroughfare, place your study nook in a room away from it to reduce car noises.

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Consider Your Devices

Online learning requires a lot of electronics devices. Make sure you’ve enough sockets for your laptop, tablet, or any other electronic devices you’ll be using. Don’t forget to account for accessories, like a reading lamp, or a discrete sound system for increasing the volume of online classes or for playing soothing music.

Building Effective Home Study Habits

A cozy study nook is only one facet of an effective home learning experience. Forming good study habits are just as important as having a good place to learn. Here are some tips for building effective study routines.

Use Active Studying

When your classes are fully digital, you have to resist the temptation to just sit passively watching your teachers talk. Active studying means you should ask questions and be more responsive during class. Ask for clarification on important points, contribute to a discussion, and help your classmates become more engaged with the lesson. Active studying helps you pay more attention to your lesson and retain more information.

Set a Reasonable Bedtime

Getting enough rest is crucial if you want to perform well in your online classes. Because you don’t have to wake up to get ready to go to school anymore, you may want to sleep a lot later than you normally would on a school night. Resist this temptation and stick to a healthy schedule with at least 8 hours of sleep. This will ensure your mind and body perform at peak capacity during online classes.

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Schedule Efficiently

You may have other responsibilities while you are studying at home. You may need to pitch in with chores from time to time. Sit down with your parents or roommates and work together to come up with a cohesive schedule for chores. Your schedule should minimize distractions during class hours. If you study at night, perhaps you can take over lunchtime chores or vice versa.

Set Aside Some Me Time

Don’t forget that your brain needs plenty of breaks. If you don’t rest your mind, you run the risk of burning out and decreasing your performance. Instead of powering through hours of class uninterrupted, schedule lots of mini breaks between lessons. This will give you time to eat a snack, rest your eyes and cool your mind down.

The pandemic has changed the way you’re going to learn and the best thing you can do is adapt to these new circumstances. With these tips, you’ll have an easier time keeping up your performance and excelling in school.

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