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What Are Your Priorities When Moving In?

What Are Your Priorities When Moving In?

What Are Your Priorities When Moving In?

Looking for the right apartment can sometimes be stressful, but with the right planning, you can find yourself a nice place to live. The first step is setting the priorities, therefore, you’ll know what to focus on. Knowing your priorities can help you avoid wasting your valuable time and other resources. So here are the most important things you should know when moving in:

Clean the apartment

Even though many landlords claim that their apartments are spotless and dirt-free, there’s no better way to make sure of that, than to clean it yourself. You don’t have to go full on OCD, but wiping kitchen counters, cleaning the fridge, and making sure that bathtub and other sanitary facilities are clean are perfectly normal things to do. It’s always better to have a clean and fresh start in a new apartment than to constantly worry if everything’s clean. If you think that there’s too much work, or you simply don’t like cleaning, you can always ask someone to give you a hand or hire a professional cleaner who can do it for you.

Make sure that everything’s fine

Everything means electricity, gas, heating, cable, Internet and other utilities that need to be in order before you move in. So, prior to signing the lease agreement, make sure that all the installations are functioning so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises after you move in. In case you see that something’s wrong, ask your landlord to fix it, and while you’re there, ensure that your landlord will take care of any unexpected situations such as leaking pipes or faulty laundry machine. There’s no point in moving into a place if you have to start fixing stuff as soon as you enter the door. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know which things are crucial, but basically checking paperwork and make sure that everything works are the main things you should take care of.

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Make it look like home

Rented flats can sometimes be very impersonal, so it’s no wonder that you may feel alienated and strange during the first few weeks. Hence, it would be really helpful to add some details that will make it feel more homey and familiar. For example, adding your favourite potted plants can enrich the space and make it more friendly. Similarly, you can get yourself a nice floral round rug which can turn your living room into a very lovely place. Having nice decoration pieces are great as they can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed in your new home, but before you decide to do anything major, such as painting walls or adding wallpapers, always discuss it with your landlord first.

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Be organized

Everyone who’s ever moved from one place to another will tell you how important it is to be organized and punctual. First, you need to start looking for a new place on time. Also, make a to-do list of everything you need to take care of before and after you move in, so you’ll have enough time to finish everything. Time-management is crucial in every aspect of life, ?nd it’ll be of great use when you decide to move into a new home. Learning to prioritize the tasks will greatly help you differentiate between more and less important stuff. If you are struggling to remember everything, always write it down, or use a productivity app which you can use to create various to-do lists and keep track of all the tasks that you’ve completed and also help you be more aware of everything that you have to do. Also, there are some hacks that could really help you be more efficient and do everything much faster.

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These tips will certainly help you get your feet on the ground and learn what to pay attention to when moving in. But, also, remember to always ask questions and double check everything. Don’t be shy discussing the terms with your landlord or letting agency, because you’re the only one who can communicate your interests the best. In case you’re inexperienced, always ask an older family member or a relative to help you out and maybe even discuss things on your behalf, even though it’s always much better to do everything by yourself.

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