Top Tips For Keeping Your Swimming Pool Clean Whatever The Season

Top Tips For Keeping Your Swimming Pool Clean Whatever The Season


Having a swimming pool is like having an extra space where you can relax and have fun. These days, people often conduct house parties, decorate the poolside area, and enjoy activities which have been organised to take advantage of their outdoor space.

Swimming pool with a wooden decking area and grass surrounding it
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What makes a house luxurious? The answer not just a good interior and fancy furniture, there are many things which makes a house perfect and to look luxurious and one of those things is having a swimming pool in your home.

Having a swimming pool is like having an extra space where you can relax and have fun. These days, people often conduct house parties, decorate the poolside area, and enjoy activities which have been organised to take advantage of their outdoor space.

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How can someone forget about the burning summer days when all of us feel like being in the pool all day. But when you are using a space in your home, isn’t it your responsibility to keep that area clean as well?

Although cleaning swimming and keeping it in healthy condition might be seem like a big task, you have to do it if you want your pool healthy.

There are many ways you can take care of your pool so we’ve narrowed it down to help you keep your swimming pool clean all year long so read on for our “top tips for keeping your swimming pool clean”.

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Why It Is Necessary To Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean?

We get it, you probably just want to get on and jump into your pool, and on a hot day who could blame you!

But before you take the plunge here’s why you should make sure you have a regular pool maintenance schedule in place:

  • Cleaning your swimming pool will feel good, and it is always great to swim in a healthy pool.
  • Your outdoor area will looked well looked after and inviting
  • Cleaning the regular pool will mean you will not get any skin irritation or itching on the skin, which is caused by parasites inside the water.
  • Not cleaning the pool regularly can cause ear, throat, and eye infections. In severe cases, if you swallow, it can also lead to stomach cramps, diarrhoea, and vomiting.
  • Cleaning you’re regularly will help you save money in the long run, and it will also mean you probably won’t have large maintenance bills out of the blue.
  • Your pool longevity increases by regularly cleaning and caring from it.

Clean Your Pool Manually Daily

Use cleaners, brushes or any rubble catching devices and remove any dirt floating on the surface and surrounding area.

During autumn and spring there are leaves that drop all over the place, or sometimes blow into your garden due to the wind. Because of the weather, many other things can end up in your pool such as litter; this is why it is important to manually clean your pool regularly.

Buy your Intex pool vacuum kit if you haven’t yet and keep your favourite spot clean.

If you have an artificial aquarium in your home, do not forget to clean the fish tank. They are another artificial water body that makes your house attractive.

Remember To Clean Your Filtration System

First, you need to figure out what type of filter your swimming pool has, here are the most common three types of filtration systems:

Cartridge Filters

A cartridge filter will store all the impurities until you clean out it yourself. It allows the water to seep through a fine filtrating surface. Having greater surface area means fewer clogs which also means easy maintenance. You have to replace it every 3 to 5 years.

Sand Filters

A sand filter uses various levels of sand and porous rock to filter the which catches the debris floating in your swimming pool. They have a solid bed of specific sand, and that sand must be cleaned or changed every four to five years.

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Diatomaceous Earth Filters

These filters can easily remove debris; they contain porous bone material. If you want to install a Diatomaceous Earth Filter, which is quite simple, you must place it directly into the a skimmer. Backwashing should be done every month and you will need to change your DEF filter every one to two years.

So do not forget to maintain your filter based on which type you have installed in your pool – and remember that if you get a lot of debris in your pool (maybe from low over-hanging trees) you may have to decrease the period between cleanings.

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Maintain The Chemistry Of Your Pool’s Water

With this, you have to look at the PH level and chemicals which have been mixed or required in the water on a daily basis.

Although these chemicals may become a part of your regular pool maintenance, you need to check regularly what chemicals it may be lacking.

These are some of the necessary chemicals you should use:

  • Chlorine
  • Algaecide
  • Shocking Products

Ariel view of a pool with inflatables in it

Image Source: Kindel Media on Pexels

Shock your pool

If you are getting burning eyes and odour from the chlorine chemical you mixed in your pool, it is because your pool requires a shock. Let’s see some of the shocking products which work well.


First in this category is Basic Shock Products, which kill the bacteria which generally come from a swimmer waste like any cosmetic residue, suntan lotions, etc.


Second, the multifunctional shock product seems to restore water’s clarity and work faster compared to the basic Shock. This gives the water clarity by killing all sorts of bacteria. It also balances pool pH, reduces algae production, and boosts filtration. The best part is if you get to use your pool within 15 mins of its use.

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Add Algaecide To Your Pool

When you are swimming, you are not swimming alone; there will be millions of microscopic plants and bacteria. Rainwater and the wind make these tiny organisms and substances settle down in your pool, which causes water pH and chemical level imbalance. It will also clog your filters quickly and make the water circulation inside it sluggish. Before using Algaecide, make sure read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Final Thoughts

A swimming pool is everyone’s favourite palace to chill whether that be having an early morning swim, a pool party with your friends or a late-night dip, especially when it is summer.

In order to keep it maintained and hygienic you must put in the work. We hope you’ve found this article useful and hope that if you follow the tips mentioned earlier, and you will get the benefits and results on your own.

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