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Making The Most Of Your Extension


Making The Most Of Your Extension Staff
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Building a home extension is a big project to work on and it can be a huge challenge for any homeowner this year. Creating a wonderful extension at the back of your home can also be a great way to increase the value of your house and allow you to make a more open and spacious living space for yourself.

When creating an extension it is important to try and make the most of the extra space you have created, and this is why today we are going to take a look at some of the things you can do to make a stunning extension this year.

Light it up

When adding more space to your house you have a unique opportunity to build a home which has lots of natural light sources to make it feel bright and spacious. You can do this by getting a Double Glazing Grant Checker and then installing lots of windows and a skylight or two to your new section of the house. The extra light you gain will make the home feel bigger than even the extension and it will make the house feel bright and modern.


When adding a new section to the back or side of the house, it isn’t simply a case of adding a new random room to your existing space. If you want to make the most of your new extension it is a good idea for you to reconfigure and change your home to make it fit a new layout. For example if you have your kitchen at the back of the house, you might want to move the kitchen into the extension so that you can extend your living room further into the house. You can take a look online and think about what you want out of an extension to make your mind up which to do.

Consider Two Storeys

As well as creating a common single storey extension at the back of the house, have you consider bringing it up? For example, you can create a whole new back of the house which will allow you to either add new bedrooms to the house or even to create an ensuite master bedroom at the back of the house for an air of luxury in your home. It will take more time to create, but it can make a huge impact on your home.

Make it look great

When creating an extension on your house, the important thing for you to remember is that you want to make it look good from the outside as well as the inside. If you suddenly add a pebbled wall to a Victorian home, it will look out of place and will be an eyesore, so it is important for you to either match your current style, or find one which compliments your current style well enough.

Add a Conservatory

One of the great features you can add to the home even if you don’t have the funds to add a full extension is a conservatory. If you are looking for a feature which is stunning and offers you a cosy place to sit during the summer days, a conservatory can be a wonderful option for you. This will allow you to gain extra space and light at the back of the house and you will also be able to host gatherings here.

Use the ceiling

When creating any new space in a house, most of us neglect the ceiling and don’t make the most of it. However there are a few things you can do to make the ceiling feel like part of the room. You can install a window to allow you to look up at the stars, you could add some spotlights to the ceiling for a better light source at night, and you can even think about adding a bold colour to the ceiling for a fun element of design.

French doors

Whenever we add new features to our home, one of the biggest issues we have is light getting into the house. No one wants to have a full and dark home, and we spend a lot of time and effort coming up with the best light sources for our homes whenever we can. One of the things you can consider is to link the extension to the rest of the home with a French door instead of a regular door. This will bring more light into the whole of the home and it will make your living space feel much more open.

Use the garden

The garden is a huge feature of any house and when you build an extension you will end up reducing the space you have in the garden. However, as well as this, you will be able to think about creating a new garden space which leads out from the French doors of your extension to make the home feel as if it flows effortlessly in design. To do this make sure you add some greenery in the extension to help link it to the great outdoors; and then you can make a lovely outdoor area to sit with your family directly outside the house. This is a great way to link every element of the house with ease and it will make all the difference to you.

Have fun with colour

Decorating the home is always a fun task, and when you have created a whole additional section to use, it can be incredibly fun to play with. Take a look on sites such as Pinterest and see if you can get some real design inspiration for the space. This is the most fun part of the job and it will allow you to place your own personal stamp on the home and make it feel amazing. Use colours and textures to create a space which feels like it has fallen straight from the cover of a design magazine and add some personal elements for a homely touch.

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