Weekly Round-Up #98: Stop Being A Corporate Robot, Should You Declare Email Bankruptcy & Organising With A Simple Notebook


In this week’s round-up we look at some says you need to avoid so you don’t sound like a corporate robot, how not to take things personally and some things that productive people refuse to do.

Weekly Round-Up #98
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Don’t Give Up on Chrome Until You’ve Done This First – Make Use Of

I have a love/hate relationship with Chrome. When it works it’s fantastic, when it doesn’t I want to delete it from every single device I own and throw my Chromebook out of the window. I must admit I haven’t tried the steps laid out in this article yet (I’m in the middle of a big project on that relies on Google Docs so I don’t want to tempt fate) so I’m not responsible for what happens – if you do try it and Chrome speeds up, please let me know in the comments!

How to No Longer Take Things Personally – Purpose Fairy

We’re more connected than ever, and it’s easy for your family, friend and colleagues to communicate with you online as well as it is in person. The issue with this always-present communication medium is that it lacks the emotion of a face-to-face meeting and messages and meanings get lost.

19 things you need to stop saying (because you sound like a corporate robot) – Mashable UK

You really need to start blue sky thinking and step outside of the box for this article!

11 Things Smart People Don’t Say – Entrepreneur

It’s not just corporate robot speak you need to be aware of, there are certain more general phrases that you should avoid – remember “there is no try, only do!”

15 Essential Differences Between Productive People And Busy People – Lifehack

Are you busy? No, seriously, are you truly busy? This series of graphics shows the differences between a busy person and a productive person – which camp do you fall in to? It may not be the one you think!

The Benefits Of Having An HRIS In Your Business
Human resource departments are the backbone of any business, and their operations significantly affect the entire operations of a business. It is thus important to improve the performance of an HR department as a way of growing your business. Well, one of the best ways to do it is to...

Declare Email Bankruptcy And Get A Fresh Start – Michael Hyatt

Whilst I do admire Michael Hyatt, I have to completely disagree with his post on Email Bankruptcy. I really don’t feel that there is any need to just give up on your email inbox completely – and his suggestion of replying to the two most recent emails from each person opens up a whole can of worms you don’t want to get in to – imagine if you missed something vitally important during your email purge?

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

The 15 Best Free Project Management Apps – Zapier

If you’re in the market for a new project management tool then check out this article from Zapier that lists 15 free (and you know we like free around here!). Plus you can extend the apps functionality with all sorts of cool Zapier integrations too!

7 Tips to Organize Your Life With a Simple Notebook – How Does She

Despite the amount of time I spend in front of the computer I still keep coming back to a paper planner. If you’re unsure where to start – or how you would even use something as old fashioned as paper then check out these 7 tips from How Does She.

Weekly Round-Up #135: How To Say "No", Are You Afraid Of The Phone? And Cool Stuff For Your Desk
This week we look at how you can say “No” to your coworkers without upsetting them, what to do if you suffer from Telephobia, 65 simple ways to improve your home, Should your office have a summer dress code and some super items for your office (whether at work or...

19 Things Really Productive People Refuse to Do (According to Tim Ferriss and His Readers) – Inc

I have to admit I’m not a big fan of Time Ferris since first reading his book back in 2008 I couldn’t see how working just 4 hours a week would actually work in the real world and I still can’t – there are some things you just can’t outsource (like my brilliant take on weekly round-ups for example). Anyway, I digress. In this post Ferris has collaborated with his blog readers so his list actually makes sense.

The Ultimate Cell Phone Cases Buying Guide – Ghostek

Your phone is one of the most important items you carry with you but unfortunately its safety is often neglected. Check out this great post that goes through all of the different case options available – with Christmas coming up maybe you can ask Santa nicely for a new one?

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