Well Being

September 5, 2016 by Katy Whitton

In this first post in the Healthy Habits series I look at the basics of habit forming and goal setting. I take a look into my search for the ideal goal and habit tracker from Bullet Journals and printouts to online tools and share my thoughts on system I decided on. … Read More »


June 6, 2006 by Katy Whitton

Google have launched their new “Notebook” which allows you to store images, web clippings and notes. You need a Google account to register. Get your Google Notebook here. You can also view more at the “Google Notebook Overview” page. From Google: Google Notebook makes web research of all kinds – from planning a vacation to […] … Read More »


June 5, 2006 by Katy Whitton

I think I’m going to find Google Notebook quite handy. What I’ve tended to do when I’ve wanted to keep a website to read later I’ve either emailed the link to myself (where it usually gets deleted in one of my weekly home-inbox purges) or added them to my with a “ToRead” tag, 90% […] … Read More »

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