Weekly Round-up #51 – The Force Is Strong In This One, Sleep like a champ, Be tasktastic, Improve employee performance and Shameless self-promotion


This week we look at my excuses for being late with this post, what I do with a day off, and shamelessly self-promote my new shop (amongst real links too of course!)

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Wow, where has the week gone?! It seems like only yesterday that I was giving out Christmas links and here we are almost at the end of the year!

The astute readers among you may have realised that this post isn’t out at its usual time and is delayed almost a full 24 hours…. if you’re a creature of habit I’m sorry for wrecking your routine! The reasons are good ones I assure you!

Firstly I have been busy finalising my new planner downloads and divider designs, setting up a website for them and setting up an Etsy shop. They’re now available to download and I have a special offer for my readers (check out the link below for details).

The second reason is that I’ve been finishing off my Christmas shopping. Technically I did have it all finished by the end of November but I joined in the “Secret Santa” at work so had to go out and find another gift. I then decided I would hand-make Christmas cards and crackers this year so had to go get stuff for that too, then I got really excited in the craft store and bought loads of stamps so I could decorate my planner – exhausting!

The third – and best (I think) – reason is that I took a day off from Work and Blogging to go and see Star Wars: The Force Awakens (and if you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know I can link Star Wars to productivity). It’s not often I take a whole day out just for me: I’m normally working at my “proper” job, writing or researching for Flipping Heck or working on my other projects like my new Planer website and Etsy shop or my new recipe website (more details on that one soon!). I think it’s really important to have some time for yourself every now and again and I can tell you I fell so better for it!

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Anyway, as a result this week’s round-up is a bit shorter than usual but I’ve been sent a few links that I think you’ll find interesting – and I want you to check out my shop too so here we go!

How Successful People Start Their Day [Infographic] – Sleepy People

How Do Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill and Barak Obama start their day? Check out this infographic to find out if you should be able to strike a work/life balance as well as leading a country!

Tasktic: Manage your tasks, not your task manager

Available on iOS, the developers of this new task management software asked me to share it with you guys as they thought it’d be something you’d like – and I think they were right! I’ve not got an iPhone (don’t mock me for my love of Android, okay?!) but from what I’ve read and what the screenshots show it looks really good. There’s a free version available from the iTunes App Store which has some limitations but it’ll at least let you know if it’s what you’re looking for in a task management system.

The Surefire Way to Improve Employee Performance in 15 Minutes a Day – Snack Nation

Learn about the “Crucial Results” system, how you need to look at “Micro” rather than “Macro” goals, how to turn these goals into a planner and what to look at to improve in the weeks to come.

2016 Planner Downloads

I’ve finally fulfilled my 2016 Goal by publishing my own Planners for sale.

The shop on Etsy has a full-year weekly planner available to download as well as some dividers. I will be adding to it over the weeks and months, all I ask is you take a look – you don’t have to buy anything but if you want to then use the discount code PRODDIRINTRO01 which will give you 10% off and is valid until the 10th January.

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Happy Christmas

As this is the last round-up post before Christmas, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for following me over the past year. I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts I’ve been sharing. If you want to see more articles, apps and things that I think you’ll be interested in but don’t quite make it into the weekly round-up then check out my Facebook Page or Follow Me On Twitter.

I will be posting over the Christmas/New Year period but there may be a delay on the posts thanks to over-indulgence so please bear with me!

Have a Great Christmas, I hope Santa brings you all you asked for!

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