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Weekly Round-Up #64: Work Smart, Eggs! Nuke Your Notebook and Planner Overload

Weekly Round-Up #64

Weekly Round-Up #64: Work Smart, Eggs! Nuke Your Notebook and Planner Overload

Hello all, I hope you are having fun. This weekend in the U.K it’s a long bank holiday so some lucky people get a 4 (yes, FOUR!) day weekend – although some of us have to work too!

I hope wherever you are you’re having a nice time and earing lots of chocolate.

So settle back, grab a coffee and a creme egg (from around 1999 to get the best taste) and shove a hot cross bun down ya gob, here’s the roundup for this week!

10 Strategies for Working Much Smarter – Entrepreneur

This article has some great ideas about how you can use your “natural” rhythm, the two minute rule and Parkinson’s Law to get stuff done.

Staying Late At The Office Could Raise Your Risk Of Heart Disease – Huffington Post

We’ve all probably heard that long hours spent at the office can be harmful to your health but here’s definitive proof that staying late may be more harmful to your health than you realise.

Christmas Planner 2016
Get yourself ready for the festive season with this great pack of Christmas Printables - you won't forget who you have bought what or how Grandma's special gravy is made!

How To Avoid The Power Of The Drift – Michael Hyatt

Sometimes we sleep walk into certain situations that may make life difficult and we don’t even realise it’s happening. Hopefully your situation isn’t as drastic as being swept out to sea – and sometimes situations can make use feel as though we’re adrift and lost but there’s always a bright side eventually if you know the basics.

4 morning rituals that will positively impact your day – Mashable

I can’t hit the snooze button?? WTF was it invented for then? I can’t drink coffee as an equivalent of breakfast?? WTF???

15 Apps That’ll Make You Insanely Productive – Buzzfeed

There are some quite interesting apps in this list, but if anything it’s worth checking out this article just to see the over-productive cat in action – his word-purr-minute count must be impressive!

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

The future is a pen and this microwavable notepad – The Next Web

If this were the First of April I’d be thinking this would be an awesome prank but, as it’s mid-March…. You may have see something similar with the Evernote/Moleskine tie-in but this notebook allows you to erase all of your written notes by putting it in the microwave and you can then start again – magic!

Before & After: How I Transformed My Junk Drawer Without Buying a Single Organizer – The Kitchn

We all have “that” drawer. You don’t need to go to Ikea to buy an expensive organiser to sort your drawers out. I’ve managed to fix some of the organisation in mine with a couple of cat food boxes – check out my Autumn Cleaning Challenge Series for photos and examples of great uses of cardboard boxes.

The Odd Work-Break Ratio That’s Great for Productivity – Mashable

How many minutes do you take off when you’re working. If it’s not the amount in this article then you may not being as productive as you think you are!

Sustainable Swap: How To Change Your Wasteful Habits
Living a more sustainable life isn’t just a passing fad or a growing trend anymore — it’s quickly becoming a societal necessity. According to experts, we’ve got roughly 11 years to prevent the damage to the planet from becoming irreversible. While living a more sustainable lifestyle is important, many people...

Planning 101: How to Not Get Overwhelmed – Microscope Beauty

I’ve started to get on the planner “bandwagon” recently and I thought I’d highlight this video so you know it’s okay that if you don’t know what you’re doing that’s okay – and you don’t need a massive stock of stickers – which I’ve started designing just to warn you and you can check out my First Sticker Set Here!

13 Charts Anyone Who Has Procrastinated Will Understand – Buzzfeed

Some fun thoughts for food – procrastination, laziness or sheer genius in terms of time management?!

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