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Weekly Round-Up #65: Procrastination, Playing Games At Work, Be A Super-Freelancer And What's Behind A Website?

Weekly Round-Up #65: Procrastination, Playing Games At Work, Be A Super-Freelancer And What's Behind A Website?

Weekly Round-Up #65: Procrastination, Playing Games At Work, Be A Super-Freelancer And What's Behind A Website?

Hello and welcome to this week’s weekly round-up. This week we look at procrastination, a huge list of resources for freelancers and how you can run your own blog (and where they’re all hosted).

5 Ways You’re Procrastinating Without Knowing It – AH Scribbles

I’m terrible at doing number 2 on this list instead of working after all organising is being productive, right?

I’d highly recommend reading this post, I’m sure there’s some items on this list that you’ll find yourselves guilty of when you think you’re productively working.

How To Finally Stop Procrastinating (For Real This Time) – Fast Company

Now that you’ve admitted you are in fact procrastinating, here’s some brain training that will help you stop putting things off for good.

Office Games & Hacks: A Guide To Employee Health & Productivity – Home Leisure Direct

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, it also makes him obese according to this interesting article from Home Leisure Direct.

Open air dining area with red tables and chairs
Whether you have a family and would like to treat them out to a meal on occasion, or even if you’re flying solo, eating out can sometimes be costly. Let’s look at some logical and handy tips for dining out and enjoying a meal when you’re on a budget.

You’ll want to grab yourself a coffee before reading this article, it’s really in-depth and contains some great advice on why you should have games in the office – 30 minutes of billiards burns 85 calories, who knew!

My Complete {Illustrated} Guide to Bullet Journalling – Cerries Mooney

You’ll want to grab another coffee before reading this fantastically in-depth article on how bullet journalling works and how to set your bullet journal too. It’s worth going through all of the comments too as there’s some really great tips in them.

How To Bullet Journal In A Planner – Mom’s Small Victories

You’ll want to grab a cup of tea for this one. Whilst this article is based around a “Plum Paper Planner”, I thin it would work for any vertical format planner such as the Erin Condren or Happy Planner.

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

Spring Clean Your Mind: 8 Steps to Clearing Internal Clutter – How Does She

It’s spring and it’s not just your house that should have a spring clean, your brain needs one too! It’s time to get that rubbish out of your head and collect stuff so that you can organise it and ultimately feel far less stressed.

99 Insanely Useful Resources for Freelancers – Skillcrush

There’s something for everyone on this list from project management tools to money management. You don’t even need to be a freelancer to use these tools either, they’ll work for organising your personal tasks, time and finances too.

Web Hosting Services Explained: The Beginner’s Guide to Small Business Website Hosting – First Site Guide

Following on from our mammoth guide for freelancers, if you’re a freelance or thinking about starting your own business then check out this great article on what web hosting is, how it works and what you need. If you’re in the market for a new host then you can (view their guide here](

Where Websites Live – Hosting Facts

Now you know all about how website hosting works, why not check out where all the websites are hosted? Apparently there’s going to be 1 billion websites online in the next year… wow!

Illustration of a stressed woman holding her head under a cloud of thoughts
Did you know that the term stress dates back to 1936? In a clinical sense I mean, I'm pretty sure I've read it in books written before that date but usually in the context of speech or making a point rather than it being something that we feel and that...

How to Plan your Content, Revenue Goals, and Product Launch Timeline With These Exact Spreadsheets – Megan Minns

Sticking with freelancing and running your own business, there’s some great advice about planning, spreading tasks out and figuring out schedules in this post by Megan Minns. You don’t even have to be looking at generating revenue to use some of the techniques in this post the can equally be applied to any tasks that have longer-range goals.

Nap under your desk like a professional with the ‘Schnap’ hammock – Mashable

Given that’s it’s the 1st of April you’d be forgiven for thinking this is an April fool’s joke that I’ve slipped in but it’s not – I swear! You can’t buy it yet but you may be able to help fund it in the future – if you don’t mind losing your job!

Have A Great Weekend

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